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Kenmore Ultra Mini Sewing Machine: Mini But Mighty

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Kenmore Ultra Mini Sewing

The Kenmore Ultra Mini sewing machine is considered a reliable and portable machine. Do to its small size it can be easily transported.  It makes the perfect beginner sewing machine because it’s very basic and it is easy to learn how to use.   This machine is great for the beginners and the experienced because it is easy to use, small, high quality, and reliable.  Also, the Kenmore sewing machine has a price that fits its size.  Typically the Kenmore sewing machine lasts for more then ten years in good condition.  It has so many features of a large and high technology sewing machine but it is more compact and cheaper.  If you are interested in a low maintenance and easy to use sewing machine the Kenmore Ultra Mini sewing machine.


  • Free-arm sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches, with each having multiple stitch functions.
  • Storage built into the free arm. This includes 5 accessory presser feet and a bilingual users manual.
  • 1-step auto-size buttonhole
  • Buttonhole opener
  • Auto bobbin winding
  • Thread cutter
  • Drop-in bobbin loading
  • 2 plastic bobbins included
  • Needle threader
  • 110-volt machine operates with foot pedal
  • Has a light bulb for illumination in the work space
  • Ability to stitch jeans and trouser cuffs easily and quickly
  • 550 stitches per minute
  • Weighs less then 10 pounds
  • Dust cover
  • Darning plate
  • Push and pull clutch
  • Thread tension settings
  • Spool pin felt


  1.   Ability to Sew denim
  2.   Sews as fast as larger machines but takes up less space
  3.   Works with almost any type of fabric
  4.   priced between $90-$115
  5.   Durable
  6.   Long lasting
  7.   Wide range of stitches- straight stitch, zig-zag, darning, blind hem, button hole
  8.   Produces high quality stitches through layered fabric
  9.   Light weight
  10.   Good training sewing machine
  11.   Consistent
  12.   Easy to thread and set up
  13.   Easy to store


  1.   Does not offer a stitch width control
  2.   Stitch lengths are preset
  3.   Only has three stitch lengths for straight and zig-zag
  4.   Sometimes runs slow
  5.   Gets tangled regularly
  6.   Not for heavy use
  7.   Bobbin breaks often
  8.   You have to adjust tension for different fabrics


Mini doesn’t mean less, especially when it comes to the stitching in this machine.  Stitching is the most important part in every sewing machine.  With 25 built-in stitches all with different functions, this machine is a mini powerhouse.  The most commonly used stitches are the zig-zag stitch, straight stitch, darning stitch, blind hem stitch and the buttonhole stitch.  Although the Kenmore Ultra Mini sewing machine does not have the  amount of variation in stitching as the high technology larger machines but  it still does its job.  The variation in the size of stitch is one of the only features that is actually mini on this machine.  It only offers 3 stitch lengths for the straight stitch and the zig-zag  stitch.  This powerhouse of a machine produces 55o stitches per minute which is competitive with all of the high end sewing machines.   Not only is the stitching proficient but it is also quality stitching.  The Kenmore Ultra Mini sewing machine can stitch threw almost any fabric and sometimes layers of certain fabrics.


The Kenmore ultra mini sewing machine is a great over all machine.  For the size of the sewing machine it produces high quality products.  Not only is the sewing machine mini but it is a reasonable price for all the features that are compacted in it.  Once in a while the machine may jam or something may break but that happens with every  sewing machine eventually.  The mini sewing machine is a great beginning sewing machine and is great for people who do not sew that often.  It does not do well with heavy work loads but it is great for the occasional use.

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