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5 Reasons Why A Seamstress Should Always Have a Serger

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If you love to use a sewing machine, but don’t have a serger, then you are missing out on the many benefits these tools can provide. Avid seamstresses who have used a sewing machine for work or for their own personal hobby say that they realized they couldn’t live without their sergers once they started using them. A . sewing machine can help you to complete your tasks much faster and allow you to try out new techniques that will make your items more high-quality with much stronger seams.

What is the Difference Between Sergers and Sewing Machines?

Difference Between Sergers and Sewing Machines

The main difference between a serger and a sewing machine is the type of sewing they both perform. A serger is also commonly referred to as an overlock machine. That’s because it binds fabric by using an overlock stitch. This stitch is made using 3 or 4 different threads to create a very strong and long-lasting seam.

Sergers and sewing machines are two different products. When a serger is sewing or binding the materials, it is actually cutting the fabric at the same time. The blade that cuts the fabric is situated right before the needles, so that there is no need to cut out your project before you start sewing. Also, on a serger there are three or four threads which are used to create the strong locked stitch. On a regular sewing machine, there is usually just one thread, sometimes two if you are using a machine with a double needle. Sergers are also much faster than traditional sewing machines.

5 Great Benefits of Using a Serger

There are several good reasons why you should consider using a serger machine. If you earn a living by sewing, you can finish up your projects much faster and gain a better profit overall. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a serger sewer, once you do you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  1. Finish Up Seams Quickly

The three-thread overlock system allows you to finish up a seam in half the time. And the seam is also much neater and stronger than one that would be made using only a regular sewing machine. This means your clothing or quilts will be less likely to unravel or fray at the seams over time, allowing you to create high-quality handmade pieces.

  1. Create a Chain Stitch

The seam finishing feature allows you to neatly and quickly finish seam allowances on all types of woven fabrics. If you’ve ever worked with material that made it difficult to complete a seam in the past, you will notice a big difference once you start using the same material with a serger.

  1. Ideal for Working with Knit Fabrics

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A serger machines overlock stitching features built-in elasticity which makes it a great tool to use when sewing knit fabrics. This neat feature can also be used for seaming items as well.

  1. Add Accents Such as Ruffles to Garments

A serger is an excellent tool to use if you want to add accents such as gathering or ruffles to garments. It is a great feature for those who create dresses and skirts, or fancy home décor items such as pillow shams. You can use a serger to quickly and easily gather fabric to create a unique design that is all your own.

  1. The Perfect Tool for Cover Stitching

A serger is the ideal tool to use for cover stitching. Adding a cover stitch to your garments is a great way to give them that ready-to-wear look. This is one feature that many seamstresses use often to give their handmade clothing a relaxed and comfortable appearance. Keep in mind that not all sergers will have a built-in cover stitch, so if this is a feature that interests you, you should look for a machine that includes this feature.

Should I Still Own a Sewing Machine After Buying a Serger?

Many people wonder if there is any reason to hold on to their old sewing machine after purchasing a serger machine. If you are still interested in topstitching, then you will want to keep your old machine. Or if you have a project that requires you to sew on the right side of the needle. Otherwise, the serger can usually take care of all the jobs that your traditional sewing machine once handled, and then some.

A serger is a great machine to have because it allows you to be more creative with your sewing while also creating stronger seams and stitches. While you may still have some use for your traditional sewing machine, it is likely that you will start to use your serger more often for all your sewing needs, both big and small. If you are new to using a serger, be sure to purchase one that is user-friendly, such as the Brother 1034D, which is an excellent product for beginners.

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