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Baby Lock Sewing Machine Reviews: Clean Sewing & Ready To Go

babylock sewing machine

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:Are you in the market for a new sewing machine? If so, then we’d like to recommend the Baby Lock sewing machine. This is, for the most part, a great little sewing machine. However, in an effort to help you decide if it is right for you and your needs or not, we have scoured through countless Baby Lock sewing machine reviews.

And, as a result of our hard work, we have also been able to come up with our own honest review. The goal of our review is simply to educate you on this machine and its pros and cons, not to sell you this product.

So, we advise you to take our review to heart. Consider what we say, both good and bad. From there, it should be so much easier to make your own decision about whether or not this sewing machine is right for you.

baby lock sewing machine settings

Baby Lock is a Relatively New Brand:

We hate to start out review out on a negative note, especially when so many Baby Lock sewing machine reviews are positive in nature. However, we do have to be honest about the fact that this sewing machine does not come from a well-known brand name.

If you’re not “up” on the major brands in the industry, such as Singer and Brother, this probably won’t be a big deal to you. However, we do feel that it is only fair to let you know that this brand has not been around for a super long time.

Because of that fact, you are taking a bit of a gamble when you buy this machine or any Baby Lock product. Most of the reviews we have read have nice things to say, but, still this is a newer brand that hasn’t been around that long. Thus, we can’t really speak much to the customer service or to how long the brand might be around, which could potentially cause issues with warranties, repairs, and other similar matters.

However, if you don’t mind taking a chance on a newer brand, we think that this sewing machine is a pretty good option.

Key Features of Baby Lock Sewing Machines:

Baby Lock sewing machines are reliable and versatile tools for sewists of all levels, thanks to their innovative features, including:

  1. Super Lightweight:

    Baby Lock sewing machines are lightweight and portable. This is a great feature for sewists who do not have a dedicated sewing room or who need to move their machine around frequently. The lightweight design does not compromise on construction or durability. Baby Lock sewing machines are well-built and can handle a variety of fabrics and projects.

    If you are looking for a sewing machine that is easy to move and carry, a Baby Lock machine is a great option. It is also a good choice for sewists who want to be able to take their machine with them on the go.

  2. Lot of Built-in Stitches: 

    Baby Lock sewing machines offer a wide range of built-in stitches, including 537 utility, decorative, and specialty stitches. This gives sewists of all skill levels the flexibility to create any project they can imagine. Whether you’re sewing a basic garment, quilting a masterpiece, or embroidering a personalized gift, a Baby Lock machine has the right stitch for the job.

  3. Choose Different Settings:

    When you power on the Baby Lock sewing machine, you will be faced with several different settings to choose from. You can do this all from the convenient touchscreen. With a variety of settings to choose from, sewists can tailor their sewing experience to their individual needs and preferences. For example, sewists can adjust the stitch length, width, and tension, as well as the presser foot pressure and feed dog position.

    Baby Lock sewing machines also offer a variety of pre-programmed settings for specific tasks, such as sewing different types of fabrics and creating decorative stitches. This makes it easy for sewists to get started with their projects and to produce professional-looking results. Overall, the Baby Lock sewing machine’s touchscreen interface and variety of settings make it a user-friendly and versatile machine for sewists of all skill levels.

    babylock sewing machine settings

  4. Works Silently:  

    This is a great feature for sewists who have sleeping children or pets in the home, or who live in close quarters. The quiet operation also makes Baby Lock machines a good choice for noise-sensitive sewists.

    Here are some of the benefits of having a quiet sewing machine:

    • Less noise pollution: A quiet sewing machine is less disruptive to others in the home, and it can also make sewing more enjoyable for the sewist.
    • Better focus: A quiet machine can help the sewist to focus on their work and to produce more accurate results.
    • More flexibility: A quiet machine can be used at any time of day or night, without disturbing others.

    If you are looking for a sewing machine that is quiet and easy to use, a Baby Lock machine is a great option.

  5. No Annoying Vibration:

    ​This is a great feature for sewists who want to produce accurate and professional-looking results. The low vibration also makes Baby Lock machines comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

  6. Very Affordable:

    One final thing we really love about the Baby Lock is the fact that it’s so very affordable. Prices do vary from one retailer to another, so you are encouraged to shop around. With that said though, you should have no problem finding a killer deal on one of these machines.

    As you can see, there are plenty of good things about the Baby Lock sewing machine, as well as a few things that could be worked on. However, we hope that, no matter what you decide about this machine, we have given you all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.

  7. Changing Needles:

    One potential drawback of Baby Lock sewing machines is that changing needles can be more difficult than with other machines. This is due to the cramped design of the needle change area, which can make it difficult to fit your hands inside.

    If you have small hands, this may not be a problem for you. However, for most people, the needle change area could be more spacious.

Ease of Use:

The innovative stitch technologies and advanced LCD displays simplify stitch selection, customization, and machine setup. Even if you’re new to sewing, you’ll find Baby Lock machines easy to navigate and operate.

baby lock sewing machine settings

Performance and Versatility:

Baby Lock machines deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of sewing tasks. Whether you’re sewing garments, quilting, or working on embroidery projects, these machines offer consistent stitch quality and precision. Their innovative technologies ensure that every stitch is as perfect as the last.

Additional Features:

Baby Lock sewing machines are known for their innovative features and versatile capabilities. In addition to their key features, such as a wide range of built-in stitches and advanced sewing technologies, Baby Lock machines often include extra perks like:

  • Built-in needle threaders: This feature makes threading the needle quick and easy, even for beginners.
  • Large sewing spaces: Baby Lock machines typically have large sewing areas, making it easy to handle large projects like quilts and curtains.
  • Advanced embroidery features: Many Baby Lock machines offer advanced embroidery features, such as custom placement and editing capabilities, which allow users to create custom embroidery designs.

Included Accessories:

Baby Lock sewing machines typically come with a comprehensive set of accessories to equip users for various sewing projects. These accessories can include:

  • A variety of presser feet: Presser feet are essential for sewing different types of fabrics and creating different stitch effects. Baby Lock machines typically come with a variety of presser feet, such as a zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, and blind hem foot.
  • Bobbins and needles: Baby Lock machines also come with a supply of bobbins and needles, so users can get started sewing right away.
  • Embroidery hoops: If the machine has embroidery capability, it will also come with embroidery hoops in different sizes.

Pros and Cons of Baby Lock Sewing machine:


  • Innovative stitch technologies: Baby Lock is known for its innovative stitch technologies, such as AcuFeed Flex™ and the Exclusive Sensor Pen. These technologies make sewing more accurate and hassle-free, even for beginners.
  • User-friendly design: Baby Lock sewing machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The innovative stitch technologies and advanced LCD displays simplify stitch selection, customization, and machine setup.
  • Exceptional stitch quality: Baby Lock sewing machines are known for their exceptional stitch quality. The machines has features such as automatic needle threading and tension adjustment, which help to ensure consistent stitch results.
  • Variety of built-in stitches: Baby Lock sewing machines offer a wide range of built-in stitches, from utility stitches to decorative and specialty options. This gives sewists the flexibility to create any project they can imagine.


  • Premium pricing: Baby Lock sewing machines are typically more expensive than other brands of sewing machines. However, the high quality and innovative features of Baby Lock machines make them worth the investment for many sewists.
  • Learning curve for beginners: Baby Lock sewing machines offer a variety of advanced features, which can be overwhelming for beginners. However, Baby Lock machines come with comprehensive instruction manuals and online tutorials to help users learn how to use the machines.
  • May offer more features than needed: Some sewists may not need all of the features that Baby Lock sewing machines offer. If you are a beginner or only sew occasionally, you may want to consider a less expensive sewing machine with fewer features.

Customer Reviews and Feedback:

Customer reviews of Baby Lock sewing machines are predominantly positive. Users often praise their durability, precision, and user-friendly design. While some may find the premium price point a drawback, many consider the investment worthwhile for the innovative technologies and exceptional performance.

Final Verdict: Are Baby Lock Sewing Machines Worth the Investment?

In conclusion, the decision of whether a Baby Lock sewing machine is worth the investment depends on your sewing aspirations and budget. If you’re seeking a high-quality, user-friendly machine that offers innovative stitch technologies and consistent performance for various sewing projects, a Baby Lock sewing machine is a smart choice. While they may come with a premium price tag and could have a learning curve for beginners, these machines excel in delivering precise, clean sewing results.

For both novice and experienced sewists who demand the best in terms of technology, quality, and performance, Baby Lock sewing machines are certainly worth considering. They are versatile and reliable tools that can help you achieve professional sewing and embroidery results

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