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Bernina Serger: Is It Worth It?

bernina serger

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Properly researching a sewing machine, before you buy, is a great strategy. It prevents you from investing in a product, which is notoriously problematic and could cause you much frustration. Usually, such an investment costs hundreds of dollars and no one wants to sit with buyer’s remorse for years. That is why we have taken the opportunity to give you the 411 on the Bernina Serger.

As they say, “all that glitters is not gold.” And while this sewing machine is touted to do some great things, you still want to know if there are any secrets hidden in this sewing machine’s closet.

This article, we hope, will be especially helpful to those of you who are looking to get their very first machine. And possibly the question on your mind is whether the, is worth it? The same question might be plaguing your mind if you are a veteran sewer as well. No one wants to give up an old trusty machine for a newer model that has unforeseen issues.

About the Bernina Serger

According to the Bernina website, this machine is an overlock machine, the specialist for highly stretchy seams in knitwear, fine rolled hems in lightweight fabrics or decorative flatlock seams in woven or knits. There are two models. The Bernina L460 and L450, which are $1699 and $1299 respectively. Both models come with a looper cover that allows you to stash away any sewing accessories that you might have, in a neat compartment. It also gives you quick access.

There is another accessory box, which contains your tools, spool caps and seam guide. In addition, you can also enjoy an assortment of elective feet for your inspired overlocking projects. Visit the Bernina website for tutorials on how to use the Bernina Serger sewing machines.

The Bernina L460:

This L460 Serger model gives you Outstanding speed control thanks to the Foot Control and DC motor, which allows stitch by stitch sewing and a top speed of up to 1,500 stitches per minute.  You will get quick, first class and proficient seams and hems. “The automatic needle stop up ensures the needles and loopers are always in the correct position.

The L460 also gives you ultimate comfort. This is possible form its well-lit grand workspace. This Serger makes it much easier to sew and do the threading of loopers and needles. It also comes with a Free-Hand System (FHS) that raises and lowers the presser foot both hands are free for sewing and placing the fabric. The slide-on table expands the workspace to support larger sewing projects.

It also allows you to manipulate the settings while sewing, as well as cut the width from 3 to 9 mm and the stitch length from 0.8 to 4 mm. Easily adjust the differential feed to make sure you have wave-free seams in knits plus no puckering in fine fabrics. It also comes with a manual needle threader allows for easy and ergonomic threading. The color-coded threading paths, as well as the lower looper threader, support your quick threading.

Bernina serger

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Standard accessories of the Bernina L460 include:

  • Dust cover
  • Tools and accessories in a separate box
  • Set of needles
  • Seam guide
  • Upper looper converter
  • Cut-offs bin
  • Slide-on table
  • Bernina Free-Hand System (FHS)
  • Standard over lock presser foot

The Bernina L450:

This model of Bernina sewing machine gives you trouble-free threading, precision and flexibility as well as ultimate comfort.

You can accomplish immense sewing comfort using the Bernina L 450 model. “The two LED lights give bright light not only by the needles but also in the looper threading area. The differential feed ensures wave-free seams in knits and no puckering in fine fabrics. The most commonly used accessories are located in the looper cover, neatly arranged and ready to be used. A perfectly fitted cut-offs bin not only holds the cut-off fabrics but also serves as foot control storage.

Get ergonomic threading capabilities with the manual needle threader. You will have no issues when threading the lower looper, because of the lower looper threader. There is also a hand wheel positioning window and color-coded threading path, which assist in getting the threading task done fast. There is also a thread cutter on the left cover, for your convenience.

bernina serger

Check Price at BERNINA

Standard accessories of the Bernina L450 include:

  • Dust cover
  • Cut-offs bin
  • Tools and accessories in a separate box
  • Set of needles
  • Seam guide
  • Upper looper converter
  • Standard over lock presser foot

Why Choose the Bernina Serger?

The Bernina Serger is an excellent investment if you have specific sewing tasks in mind. It excels in various aspects:

  • Efficiency: The Bernina Serger allows you to cut, sew, and finish your projects in one go, delivering speedy, professional, and durable results.
  • Versatility: It’s suitable for sewing projects involving stretchy and woven fabrics, rolled hems, flat joining cover stitch seams, ruffles, gathers, and more. With decorative threads, the creative possibilities are endless.
  • Ease of Use: The Bernina Serger simplifies the sewing process, thanks to its ergonomic features like the Free-Hand System (FHS), manual needle threader, color-coded threading paths, and lower looper threader.
  • Precision: It offers adjustable settings for stitch width, stitch length, and differential feed, ensuring wave-free seams and hems, even on delicate fabrics.
  • Comfort: The machine provides a well-lit workspace, shadow-free light, and a slide-on table for larger projects.
  • Compatibility: Whether you’re working with thin or heavy fabrics, the Bernina Serger handles various materials with ease.

Where Can You Purchase a Bernina Serger?

After going over the features, and if you are interested, you are probably wondering where you can get this machine. There are a number of places where it can be purchased.

The Bernina Website:

Here on the Bernina site you will find and can purchase all kinds of machines. But as it relates to the Bernina Serger, they have two models available. The Bernina L460 and L450 can be purchased for $1699 and $1299 in that order.

Both L460 and L450 models have a looper cover, which gives you a place to hide away whichever sewing accessories you have, in an orderly partition. Plus for easy and quick access, it is ideal. There is a bonus accessory box, which has your seam guide, spool caps and tools.

Bernina Serger machines are also readily available on the eBay retail portal. The benefit is that you can peruse sewing machines at various costs. Whether new or used. If you are looking for a great deal, then this is the place to shop.

Sewing Machine Plus:

This website also has some great deals on new models of the Bernina Sergers. You can purchase a wide variety of Sergers. Starting with:

  • Bernina 700D Serger Machine for $899.00
  • Bernina 800DL Serger Machine for $999.00
  • Bernina 1150 MDA Serger Machine for $1,499.00
  • 1300 MDC Serger Machine for $1,999.00
  • Bernina 009DCC Serger Machine

Pay Attention to the Reviews:

No one can give you a more honest opinion of any product, than someone who has bought it. Paying customers are brutally honest about whether or not a sewing machine has lived up to all the hype.

Maia bought a Bernina and she commented,

  • “Yes, personal preference. I have got Pfaff’s, a Baby Lock, Singers, a brother and a couple low-end Janome-made machines. For me, Bernina is worth the extra expense. And I am normally a frugal shopper, drive a 12yr old Civic, bought mismatched, basic kitchen appliances, etc. The 630 is fabulous! So easy to use. I am so glad I have it. It’s my ‘if you could only grab one machine in a fire’.”

Another, Shamin01, points out a problem with the Bernina Serger sewing machine.

  • “Thank you so much for mentioning that left needle problem. I thought I was going mad! I bought my L460 2 weeks ago and I am having exactly the same problem with the left needle skipping stitches. I am taking mine back to the dealer on Monday. That knee lift and needle up are wonderful features.

With these comments in mind and the other details provided, you can now make an informed decision on whether Bernina Serger sewing machine, is worth it.

Bernina Serger

Pros of the Bernina Serger:

  1. Efficiency: The Bernina Serger excels in delivering efficient results. It allows you to cut, sew, and finish your projects in a single pass, saving you time and effort.
  2. Versatility: Whether you’re working with stretchy or woven fabrics, rolled hems, flat joining cover stitches, ruffles, gathers, or decorative threads, the Bernina Serger proves to be a versatile companion for various sewing tasks.
  3. Ease of Use: Bernina has incorporated several user-friendly features, such as the Free-Hand System (FHS), manual needle threader, color-coded threading paths, and lower looper threader, making it easy to operate and thread.
  4. Precision: The machine offers adjustable settings for stitch width, stitch length, and differential feed, ensuring precise results, even on delicate fabrics.
  5. Comfort: With a well-lit workspace and a slide-on table for larger projects, the Bernina Serger prioritizes your comfort during extended sewing sessions.
  6. Compatibility: Whether you’re sewing thin or heavy fabrics, the Bernina Serger handles various materials with ease, accommodating a wide range of sewing projects.

Cons to Consider:

  1. Price: The Bernina Serger comes with a premium price tag. While it offers a multitude of features, its cost may be a significant factor for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. User Feedback: Some users have reported issues, such as left needle skipping stitches. It’s essential to consider both positive and negative user feedback when making your decision.

Final Thoughts/Verdict:

The Bernina Serger is a sewing machine designed for specific tasks, excelling in efficiency and precision. It caters to sewers who seek versatility in their projects, from stretchy fabrics to decorative stitching. Its user-friendly features make it accessible to both beginners and experienced sewers.

However, the decision to invest in the Bernina Serger should be based on your sewing needs, budget, and preferences. If you value efficiency, versatility, and precision in your sewing projects and are willing to make the investment, the Bernina Serger is a compelling choice.

Before making your purchase, thoroughly research user reviews and consider your specific sewing requirements. Ultimately, the Bernina Serger can be a valuable addition to your sewing toolkit, providing you with the tools to tackle a wide range of creative and practical projects with ease and precision.

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