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The 5 Best Cheap Leather Sewing Machines

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Are you an avid sewer who is looking to take on bigger projects? Does your little sewing machine not have the capability to handle leather?

Not to worry, because I’m here to talk to you about cheaply priced (but definitely not made) leather sewing machines. These industrial-grade sewing machines will be able to handle any leather project you throw its way.

The best type of sewing machines for your preferences need to be durable and strong. In order to successfully take on leather, one needs to have a sewing machine equip with enough power and strength to handle that sort of thick material.

No matter whether you are just doing this for a hobby or are indeed a professional seamstress, these industrial grade leather sewing machines will be able to assist you with any (and every) big project that you’ve ever had in mind.

Comparison Table of the Best Cheap Leather Sewing Machines

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When sewing any hardy fabric (although especially leather) a heavy-duty machine is required. Heavy duty sewing machines are known to have a heftier price compared to traditional sewing machines because of their extensive capabilities.

The reason for this being, because specialized sewing machines have extra features that enable crafters to do harder tasks such as leatherwork the extra versatility of the machines come at a price. These universal machines are dually capable of handling lighter fine items with ease too, making them all-around stellar products to have in either your home or shop.

However, don’t start whining and fretting over the prices of these beauties yet. With you in mind, I’ve compiled a list of cheaper high-quality, heavy duty leather sewing machines, so that even those crafters on a budget will be able to happily sew their little hearts out.

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It’s important to make sure to pick the correct machine, with the right needle and material capability so that your projects can turn out just perfect. A heavy duty sewing machine will be able to handle all your needs, however it’s important to pick the right reliable brand.

I like to consider the act of buying a heavy-duty machine such as this as a long-term investment, because you best believe this sucker is going to last me for many years to come.

Buyers Guide to Correctly Choosing a Cheap Leather Sewing Machine

Since this purchase is like an investment, and should be treated as such, it is important to fully research the products you are considering purchasing. There are many different industrial sewing machines out there, with some being exponentially louder and using more electricity than others. Thus to help your search we have outlined some of the key important features that will affect your final machine choice.

Motor Type

There are typically two types of motors that are used by these machines, the clutch motor and servo motor. The clutch motor is the more obnoxious of the two, typically making an exponential amount of noise. Usually found in heavy machines, these types are most often in factories instead of households. The servo motor is much quieter of a motor, working better with lighter to medium fabrics. These types of machines provide a wide amount of leniency, allowing one to easily control how slow or fast they want to stitch.

Feed Style

There are two main types of feed styles that are implemented into these machines, with one being the puller feed and the other the walking foot feed. Both types are used in heavy duty machinery so the choice usually comes down to consumer preference. The walking foot feed enables sewing that regular machines can’t handle as it is descried to move up and down the feed dog to easily pass thicker fabrics through the machine. The puller feed is used with a foot pressor and is a little less user-friendly.

Control Features

There is a multitude of different control features available on these type of industrial sewing machines, the preferences will vary from user to user. It’s important to keep in mind that computerized and fully-automated machines are recommended for beginners. Machines that offer RPM control are wonderful for precision work, enabling you to slow the stitch down.

Rate of Speed

The at which your sewing machine can function is very important, as you want to make sure to find an option that will enable your work to consistently be precise and accurate. Heavy duty machines (which are needed for leather) usually provide higher than average sewing speeds, ranging 1000 all the way to 5000 stitches per minute. Make sure to keep in mind, that the thicker the material you are sewing, the more you need to slow down the speed of your stitching.

Once you have figured out the type of specifications you are going to look for, it’s time to decide on one of these cost efficient (cheap) leather sewing machines. You’re getting to the exciting point where it’s actually about time to think about sewing your leather.

A Little More About Leather Sewing Machines

When it comes to sewing or stitching leather, and any other heavy or thick fabrics, ordinary sewing machines would fall short by a long shot, and this is why heavy duty industrial grade machines are needed to accomplish such a task. An important factor that users sometimes overlook is that the quality of the stitch, and how it is able to ensure that the material will hold is as equally important as ensuring the proper placement and orientation of the stitch.

As can be imagined, because these systems are required to output heavy duty stitching, the mechanical systems are enhanced, and in turn, so is the price tag.

Not to worry though, some of these industrial grade machines are as equally inexpensive or expensive as your regular sewing or stitching machines, it all just depends on the brand and specific features your new machines comes with.

Since these machines do not usually specialize in decor style stitches or patterns, the accessories that would usually fluff the price of mid-grade machines is put back into the design of the machine to ensure that it can withstand its heavy-duty tasks. Don’t be mistaken however, these machines are still more than capable of sewing or stitching light and finer fabrics without compromising their integrity, or the quality of the stitch.

Affordable Leather Sewing Machine List

Below you will find a descriptive list of the best Leather Sewing Machines out on the market, ordered from the “Top of the Line” to most economically efficient:

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This popular leather All-Metal component design is known for having the greatest mechanical precision and rigidity out on the market. With a built-in needle threader, handy thread cutters and etched seam guides, all projects seemingly become a million times easier. There is a raved about tension control dial with 18 utility stitches, a 4-step button hole, 3-piece feed dog with a drop feed, a free arm and the ability for mistakes with a reverse stitch level.

The Janome machine can sew natural fibers like linen, wool, upholstery, fur, and even cotton, along with all other synthetic fibers and even extra thick fabrics with multi-layers. This machine is said to be the workhorse of any commercial or hobbyist commonly sewing with leather.

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The Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is definitely the ultimate system that is capable of almost any sewing or stitching application. This machine is truly versatile, and an easy to use system for beginners and those who are professionals too. The interior metal from features stainless steel bedplate and an extra-high sewing speed and power (110v Motor) giving off over 1,100 stitches every minute. 

The easy-to-use drop-in bobbin system has a clear viewing cover. There are 11 built-in stitch patterns (4 decorative, 6 essential, and a 4-Step buttonhole). The all-purpose foot controller comes with a zipper foot, soft dust covers as well as an extensively helpful guide and manual.

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This machine has 23 built-in patterns, includes a free arm and runs at around 1,100 whooping stitches per minute. Talk about fast, this powerhouse is able to sew through just about anything you put in its way. The unique stainless-steel bedplate provides smooth fabric feeding, and the motor is 60% stronger than that of standard sewing machines. There is a needle position selector that makes adjusting the position of your needle easy-peasy.

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This powerhouse of a machine has the ability to do 5,500 stitches in just one-minute flat, which is absolutely insane. The 110v industrial motor is quite enough to use at home and around the household. The machine is auto-lubricating for effortless maintenance and has an adjustable RPM so that peak performance for any level of sewer can be achieved no matter the level of detailed and intricate sewing needs.

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This machine is user-friendly, portable and extremely versatile for its affordable price. There are over 60 built-in sewing stitches, a one-step butthole and over 9 different presser feet. Including an LCD display, adjustable speed control and an automatic needle threader, this option is a great bang for your buck.

The Perfect Cheap Leather Sewing Machine is Out There

It’s quite overwhelmingly clear that there are many options and things to consider when looking into buying a heavy-duty leather sewing machine, as there are so many various machines that are each tailored to different crafting preferences and requirements.

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These leather sewing machines are all designed for everyday wear and tear, as their shelf-life so to speak outranks normal sewing machines usually by two-fold. These reliable appliances should be able to fulfil your crafting goals and projects for years to come.

I truly hope this guide is useful to you and helped you to somewhat narrow down your debatable leather sewing machine purchasing options.

Let us know what you think of these leather sewing machine options! For more everyday sewing tips and tricks click here.

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