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Commercial Sewing Machines Are Accurate And Tough

Commercial Sewing Machines Are Accurate And Tough

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  • Commercial sewing machines are different from home sewing machines because they are durable, larger and faster than personal sewing machines. Sewing machines are designed to work all day, everyday, and can perform tasks more quickly than a home sewing machine. Best sewing machines are used by manufacturing companies and clothing makers because of their consistency and speed.
Commercial Sewing Machines Are Accurate And Tough
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  • People who sew on a daily basis may research commercial sewing machines if they are frustrated with the speed, accuracy and abilities of their home sewing machine. Before purchasing a sewing machines, however, home users should keep in mind the major differences between them and home sewing machines. One of the major differences is that sewing machines are heavy and immobile. Once a commercial sewing machine is set onto a table, it will more than likely not be moved. While the head can move easily, the attached motor and the table of the machine cannot be moved. The reason best rated sewing machines have attached parts is to ensure that the machine will always be secure. The sewing surface will always be level and stable for the user to work on. Singer models of sewing machines are known for giving a user a comfortable, level and secure workspace.
  • Commercial sewing machines may be attractive to a home user because the fabric that is “walked” through to pass the needle. A home sewing machine uses a bottom feed dog whose teeth pull the fabric through to be sewn. This can lead to the many layers of fabric becoming uneven. The jagged and imprecise teeth of the bottom feed dog can damage the fabric and make it move until it is no longer lined up accurately. Sewing machines have a bottom and top feeder, which allow the fabric to be walked through to the needle. Most materials will stay in place and stay layered correctly through this process, avoiding a lot of frustration for the user.
  • Most Singer sewing machines also contain quality thread cutters. Thread cutters are a great addition to a sewing machine because the machine has the ability to make a straight and accurate cut, unlike the human hand. Since the layers of fabric will not shift with the use of sewing machines, the thread cutters can cut at the precise time when the sewing is finished.
  • Commercial sewing machines also usually can be equipped with many different sizes of needles for special projects. For example, if a user wanted to sew a zipper, a thicker and sturdier needle could easily be put in place on the machine in order to ensure the security of the sewing job. Heavier fabrics such as leather or car upholstery can also be sewn using sewing machines, unlike home sewing machines. The user just has to be sure he or she has equipped the machine with a thick needle and a heavy weighted thread.
  • Singer sewing machines are equipped with thread cutters, a secure sewing surface and the ability to easily change needles and thread for special projects. Many home sewers are turning to commercial sewing machines if they are sewing a lot and have many different projects that need precise sewing.

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