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handheld sewing machine

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You guys. There’s such a thing as a handheld sewing machine. Yep, you heard me! I was as shocked as you are when I first heard about the gadget. I didn’t get how a sewing machine could be something that fit into your hand. I also didn’t get how in the world it could possibly get the job done. How does it work?!

handheld sewing machine

The best thing about owning a handheld sewing machine is it’s so convenient! Most people don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated sewing room. This means we’re always having to lug the sewing machine out for every tiny little fix. Owning a handheld sewing machine eliminates this annoyance.

Another perk is that most models don’t need an electrical power source, which truly means you can use it wherever you go. As with anything, some models are better than others. We’ve reviewed 3 popular models so you can decide which is the best for you and your handheld sewing machine demands!

Singer Stitch Sew Quick

This is one of my favorite handheld sewing machine models. You can buy it for under $12.00 and it gets the job done easily. You don’t need an electrical outlet, just four AA batteries. If you need to be able to do repairs in your car, you can purchase an AC adapter for it!

Stitch Sew Quick

Most customers find this to be great for simply fixes like a ripped seam or a quick hem on a pair of pants. It’s really small and easily fits in an overnight bag if you want to make sure you’re prepared at all times!

The machine works on silk, denim, wool, leather and other crafting materials so there’s a lot of versatility there. This surprised me, as I expected this machine to have a rather cheap build. My only complaint is it could be a bit easier to thread. If you’re not an experienced sewer, you may find it frustrating. Singer knows what they’re doing though, so this truly is a great machine. It’s reliable and great to work with. It’ll get the job done!

Michley Lil Sew and Sew FS098

This is a top-selling handheld sewing machine and for good reason. It’s a great little machine, weighing less than a pound. You can toss it in your purse or backpack and it doesn’t weigh it down! Like the Singer model, this machine is also operated with 4 AA batteries. It does have a power cord if you want to use electricity to run it as well.

Michley Lil Sew and Sew FS098 Sewing Basket Combo

I like this machine for really quick fixes but it’s not good for really thick fabrics. If your jeans need a hem, this isn’t the best choice. It’s best for thinner fabrics like dresses, skirts and blouses. This is a really well built machine, so if you’re not planning to use it for really thick fabrics you’ll be set!

Sunbeam Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

This machine is really similar to the Singer model, which is a good thing since they’re both great! It’s really small and comes in black and red so you can pick your favorite. It doesn’t work on denim as well as the Singer model, but everything else it does just as well.

This model needs four AA batteries and also comes with a power cord. It comes with an extra needle and three extra bobbins which is great because you never know when something will break or go missing.

Sunbeam Portable Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine Red

Most customers find this machine to be really easy to use, which is obviously a selling feature. If you’re purchasing a machine to use in a pinch, this is a great choice for you. It can repair those ripped seams or fix the tear your dog made in the curtains.

All three of these models are really similar and all have a lot to offer for what they’re designed for. They’ll get the job done and you’ll be on your way to your next destination!

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