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How to buy a Sewing Machine for Quilting Purposes

How to buy a Sewing Machine for Quilting Purposes

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In order to breathe your creativity into reality, you must have the proper tools. You must have the best sewing machine your budget allows so that you can get all the features to enhance your quilting experience. There are a lot of fancy machines out there, but to choose the one intended for you, you must know your priorities first.

How to buy a Sewing Machine for Quilting Purposes
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Must Have Features of best Sewing Machines for Quilting:

  1. Work Space – The most important thing for those interested is the workspace the machine provides to the right of the needle. It makes working with something big a breeze. It contributes to the overall comfort while quilting. It does make the machine bigger, but the utility it will deliver will heavily outweigh the disadvantages.
  2. Reliable Motor – You should get a machine with a good motor that can work for hours without overheating. Quilting is a continuous process as opposed to piercing where one has to stop, trim and pin, etc. quilting is done steadily.
  3. Variable Motor Speed – A motor with variable speed allows you to free motion quilt with maximum control.
  4. Automatic Needle Threader – This is a very important feature to consider while buying a sewing machine. They circumvent the need for a partially steady hand. It also helps to avoid strain on the eyes. This process of quilting also starts master as compared to using a mechanical needle thread. This contributes to the efficiency of the overall procedure.
  5. Needle Control – A control to stop the needle at the desired position is also important. This is a rather handy feature because having a needle hold down the fabric is like an extra hand to support the fabric. The needle down function also allows for chain piercing and pivoting.
  6. Stitch Regulator – It is a relatively new feature you can find in sewing machines. This allows you to create even stitches during free motion quilting. This is a very versatile feat and due to that reason, this feature comes at an expensive price.
  7. Portability – The machine should feature a good proportion of utility and portability. It should be large enough to provide you workspace, but it shouldn’t overdo it too much in order to maintain portability.
  8. Quietness and Stitch Quality – A good machine should also run quiet enough so that a person can maintain their levels of audibility. It should stitch so that it appears as the work of some professional.
  9. Endof-Stitch Automatic Features – In order to provide a whole new level of comfort and utility to you, get a machine with automatic end of stitch features like raising the needle, raising the presser foot and cutting and tying off the thread. There should also be an option to disable these automatic functions.
  10. Good Lighting – Finally, extra lighting is also an important feature. Improving visibility enhances the overall experience during quilting. It doesn’t sound like a very advanced feature, but you feel its need the most during bad lighting conditions. All of these features contribute to a whole new amazing experience of quilting.

In order to find a best sewing machine for quilting purpose, you can consider the above mentioned features carefully and you will never get disappointed.

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