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Janome Fast Lane Portable Sewing Machine, Fuschia

Janome Fast Lane Portable

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Janome Fast Lane Portable Sewing Machine, FuschiaRead Customer Reviews on Amazon.comThere is a huge craze particularly in the girls for learning stitching. They find it the best way of showing their creativity and their love of fabric designing. The hobbyists and particularly the ones who are very young couldn’t afford to spend too much in purchasing the heavier machines. Even, the parents encourage the young learners and the hobbyists to use the most economical option to practice the sewing freely. The Janome manufacturer as always come with another unique machine which is ideally suitable for the girls, particularly because of its Fuchsia color. The girls would love to carry such lightweight and useful best sewing machine for beginners to their sewing classes with a lot of convenience. It is an ideal platform for the girls to learn all the tricks and trade off sewing with ease.Features:This is a very basic system for the extremely novice sewing individuals, but a lot of functions are same as the standard Janome machines. It has 10 built in stitches, manual thread tension control, top loading drop in bobbin, free arm feature and an on-board drawer for storing accessories. The needle positions are offered at 2 places which are centered and the left position.Portability is its best feature with its light weight of 5 pounds and very compact size. It is safe for the usage of kids as well as there are safety features such as the finger protection is also installed. The bobbin cover is see-through so you have all, the idea that how much thread is still remaining in the bobbin. The package of this Fuchsia color sewing machine comes with a couple of bobbins, foot control, power supply cord, needle threader, needle and an instruction manual.


  • The weight of the machine is just 5 pounds, which makes it easier for the learners to carry their sewing machine to the sewing classes on a daily basis. The compact size of the system also adds to the convenience of its portability.
  • It is ideal for beginners and has suitability even for girls as young as 6 to 7 years who have desired to learn clothes stitching for their dolls. Further, a finger guard has also been introduced in the sewing foot, which will protect the fingers of the inexperienced users to get caught under the needle accidently.
  • There is an on-board storage drawer which is useful for the novice users for storing their spare needles, bobbins, notions and all other accessories in that convenient drawer.
  • It is a basic machine, but still comes with 10 useful built in stitches, which will help them learn a lot of new things.
  • The system has the manual tension control which is fairly easy to adjust by just spinning the dial. You will not have to undergo any complicated adjustment and it can be adjusted easily and quickly. This feature also is a plus for beginners.


  • The quality, particularly with the smoothness in stitching deteriorates considerably quicker over time. You will not have the same new feel of the machine when you use it after a certain period of time.
  • The material is all plastic which is flimsy and vulnerable to break easily. This is a huge worry particularly with young users who are not good at handling such stuff.
  • A few people who have used this machine have complained about the reliability of the machine and found their machine dead after a few weeks of use. They consider it to be a toy rather than some useful sewing machine even for the beginners.


The Fast lane portable sewing machine from Janome is ideally suitable for the young girls who are learning the basics of sewing. It is a very basic machine with basic features which is ideally suited for the students with its portability to take to the stitches classes. The machine is very economical and still offers functions such as free arm sewing, top load bobbin, 2 needle positions and 10 on-board stitch patterns. The plastic material is flimsy which makes its durability questionable, but still the deal overall is phenomenal for the young sewing enthusiasts.

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