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Review of the Janome HD1000: Key Features, Stitching Styles and More

Janome HD1000

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If you’re a design enthusiast or all-around crafter, having your own sewing machine is an absolute must. Sewing machines help bring your designs and ideas to life. While you can of course always hand-sew your materials, you can’t account for the speed and precision that a sewing machine offers.

With sewing machines, you can rapidly stitch together all the materials you need to make your latest creation. They are ideal for creating blankets, pillows, clothing, and other needlework projects.

There’s nothing quite like the pride you take in your own creations, that thrill when someone in a state of disbelief and admiration says, “You made this?” Making your own clothing, in particular, is an impressive feat, involving design, measuring, and shape in just the right way. And then you get to wear and show off your creations for all to see.

Maybe you’ve never had a sewing machine and are looking to take your creations to the next level, or it’s time for your old machine to be laid to rest. Whatever the case, it’s just as important as having a sewing machine in general as having the right sewing machine. If you’re an avid creator, your sewing machine will never be too far away. You need a machine that is reliable, durable, and works with you rather than against you.

We’re here to help you out with the selection process. Below, we’ll be reviewing the Janome HD1000 to see if it’s worth the money and the right sewing machine for you. It is our goal to provide you with as accurate and unbiased information as possible so that you can make the right decision come purchase time.

What is the Janome HD1000 and How Does it Work?

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The Janome HD1000 is one of the many sewing machines available from Janome. Janome is a company that aims to fulfill all your sewing needs, providing sewing machines, accessories, and even design software to program your machine to perform stylistically technical needlework.

The Janome HD1000 works to provide you with high-speed and tight stitching. It offers a variety of technical features that make the machine easy to use, which will be detailed below.

Its general function is to use a pre-threaded needle that maneuvers in and out of fabric to stitch two things together or create a seam. This needle moves quickly through the aid of fine machinery. Threads are, of course, interchangeable.

What Makes the Janome HD1000 Unique

Key Features

The Janome HD100 offers a variety of features that make this sewing machine nice and easy to use. To start, it offers a built-in needle threader, so threading your needle or swapping out threads doesn’t prove the hassle that we all know it can be. It also offers lay-in, manual thread tension control so that you can customize the strength with which your machine operates.

In terms of overall design, the Janome HD1000 offers room for a free arm on the side, so you can expertly control and maneuver your work without any hindrance. It also includes a dust cover, protecting your machine from any harmful dirt and grime that might try to get to it.

Like many sewing machines, the Janome HD100 features snap-on presser feet. These presser feet push the fabric firmly down around the area where the needle is. Presser feet are essential for feeding material through the machine easily and straight, smoothing out any wrinkles or catches in the material. Different presser feet are ideal for different patterns and courses of stitches.

In addition to the snap-on presser feet, the sewing machine also offers an extra-high presser foot lift, so you don’t have to worry about material that may be too thick to fit under the standard.

Stitching Styles

In terms of actual stitching, the Janome HD1000 is no one-trick pony. It can do 14 different types of stitches, proving its diverse capabilities and adaptable nature. So, there’s no need to worry that this sewing machine won’t be able to do everything you need it to, even on complex projects that require eclectic stitch types.

Choosing the appropriate stitch is easy with the machine’s stitch selection dial, which enables you to switch between stitch types with ease. Stitch a little too far or make another mistake? No problem. This machine offers a reverse stitch level so that you any little mishaps or mistakes that may happen aren’t permanent or difficult to remove.

It features a three-piece feed dog to keep your fabrics straight and even. It also provides a four-step buttonhole, so no need to fuss when it comes to these fun little round objects. Its maximum stitch width is 5 mm, with a maximum stitch length of 4 mm.


The Janome HD1000 comes with a variety of accessories, and it is compatible with still more. One of the accessories it comes with is a specialized bobbin that works with machine for optimum ease of use and loading. It also comes with a rolled hem foot and zig zag foot, which are ideal for specialized stitch designs if you are doing technical work or feel like getting creative.

As far as optional accessories go, the possibilities are almost endless and can be purchased separately. In terms of presser feet, there are numerous variations available to suit all your crafting and sewing needs. These include zipper feet, straight-stitch feet, beading feet, and ultra-glide feet, among others. Other additional accessories include different bobbins and needle options ideal for dealing with specialized types of thread. There are also a variety of accessories to aid in the button-process, such as a buttonhole foot and sizer.

If you’re interested in a specific type of sewing or decorating, you can purchase a specialized attachment or kit. Such compatible kids that Janome offers are for specializations like flower stitching and quilting.

Janome HD1000


You can typically find the Janome HD1000 for its standard price of $399. This sewing machine is available for purchase at a variety of retailers that carry the Janome product line. Finding your local dealer is easy. Simply visit their website on any product page and select “Find a Janome Dealer.” You will then be redirected to a list of businesses near year that carry Janome sewing machines.

You can also find the Janome HD1000 on Amazon for the slightly reduced price of $328.

Most sewing machines tend to fall within the range of $100-$500 each, though there are of course outliers. The Janome HD1000, therefore, falls straight in the middle of the pack, which makes sense for this product—while it offers great operation features and will get the job done and more, it doesn’t offer any of the fancy high-tech options that some do, such as electronic programming capability.

Public Perception

Public perception of the Janome HD1000 is predominantly favorable. It is most loved by amateur sewing enthusiasts who want a machine that is easy to use and will get the job done and do it well, without any frills. While this sewing machine offers a variety of customizable features and is adaptable to many accessories, it doesn’t offer any out-there bells and whistles or incorporate programming technology.

This is a pretty solid machine that works on a variety of material, according to many users who’ve made it their mission to try it out as much as possible. Many have had this sewing machine and have yet to come up with a complaint.

That doesn’t mean this machine hasn’t received any criticism at all, though. Many users have complained of issues with the thread knotting up and the machine jamming when first starting up. Once the problem is fixed it will generally continue to function as it should.

How it Compares

Now that we’ve taken a close look at how the Janome HD1000 stands alone, let’s see how it compares to the competition. Below, we’ll be comparing it to the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and the Brother SE400.

Before we begin our comparison, here are a few general ratings of the Janome HD1000 to keep in mind.






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The Janome HD1000 and the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 have a lot in common on a surface-level. Both machines sport an automatic threading feature, so that you can have your machine threaded and ready to go in seconds rather than waste precious time. The both also use presser feet and have multiple stitch styles programmed into the machine, so that you can perform a variety of tasks.

While the Janome HD1000 is a great machine for more a hobbyist or casual sewer, however, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has a variety of features that make it perfect for those that want to perform more advanced needlework.

While the Janome HD1000 offers 14 different stitches and one buttonhole stitch, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has 600 built-in stitches and 13 buttonhole stitches. The Singer machine even offers five different alphanumeric fonts, so stitching a message is quick and easy.

It should be noted, however, that this 600 stitch count includes all variations of stitches, which other companies don’t count—so there aren’t as many decorate stitches as you may be lead to believe.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

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The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 also comes with a far greater number of accessories, especially in regard to presser feet. It comes with 13 different presser feet, including feet for zippers, satin stitching, and darning and embroidery.

Customer reviews of this product are overall positive. While initially priced at $699, it is not available on Amazon for $298.47, which customers recognize as a great deal for a machine with so much to offer. It has gotten its fair share of complaints, though. Separate users have complained of thread bunching up underneath, a weird noise developing over time, and even oil stains appearing on the fabric.

Brother SE400

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The Brother SE400 is a recipient of the 2018 Women’s Choice Award and is a bestselling product on Amazon. Like the other sewing machines we’ve talked about, this machine has an automatic threader, greatly increasing its user-friendliness. It also has an LED touch screen, which the Janome does not.

In terms of functionality, this sewing machine is marketed as being great for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. It offers 67 unique stitches (not including variations) and 70 embroidery designs, along with five alphanumeric fonts. You are not limited by the stitches and embroidery design already programmed—you can purchase and import thousands of other designs from

You can embroider up to a 4 in x 4 in an area at any time.

It also comes with a bilingual user manual for easy use, and Brother provides free phone support for the entire life of the product. There are also built-in tutorials within the very machine, accessible on the LED screen.

This is an embroidery machine more than anything else, so if you’re interested in doing complex and beautiful designs than this is the machine for you. Users of this machine love it for its ability to create fantastic designs with ease. The main complaint is that occasionally machines arrive already not working.

Amazon offers free returns, but if you purchase it from elsewhere be sure to check out the return policy.

What We Think

So when it comes down to it, what are our final thoughts on the Janome HD1000? Overall, it seems to be a pretty stand-up machine. It falls right in the middle of the pack in terms of similar sewing machines, both in capabilities and in price. There are few complaints when it comes to the overall functionality of this machine, though a few users have had difficulty with thread bunching up when in initial use.

While it doesn’t offer any overly impressive bells and whistles, it’s a stand-up machine that will do the trick and is ideal for a casual seamstress.

Overall Rating:

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