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Janome Skyline S9 Sewing Machine Review and Tips!

Janome Sewing Machine

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The Janome Skyline S9 sewing machine is a remarkable addition to the Janome Skyline S series, known for its hybrid sewing/quilting machines. What sets the Skyline S9 apart from its siblings is its unique capability to also function as an embroidery machine. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key features of the Janome Skyline S9, evaluate its performance, and determine if it truly excels as a versatile sewing, quilting, and embroidery powerhouse.

Janome SkylineS3

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Type of Sewing Machine:

Before we delve into the specifics of the Janome Skyline S9, let’s take a moment to understand the various types of sewing machines that exist:

  • Mechanical or Manual: These are operated using manual controls.
  • Computerized: These come with digital controls for precision stitching.
  • Embroidery: These are designed for decorative stitching and embroidery.
  • Overlock or Serger: These are used for finishing edges and creating seams.
  • Quilting: These are tailored for quilting tasks.
  • Heavy-duty or Industrial: These are built to handle heavy fabrics and intensive use.

The Janome Skyline S9 is a computerized sewing machine, offering advanced features and versatility.

Key Features of Janome Skyline S9:

1. Embroidery Unit

The Janome Skyline S9 shares a striking resemblance with its Skyline S3 and S7 counterparts, except for one significant difference—the permanently attached embroidery unit. This unique feature sets the Skyline S9 apart. When you switch to embroidery mode, the embroidery unit gracefully swings out from the Janome Skyline S9. This additional unit provides added stability, ensuring precise embroidery work. Check the whole S series of Janome also.

2. Easy-To-Navigate Controls

Janome has equipped the Skyline S9 with a user-friendly interface, including a start/stop button for convenient sewing pauses and resumption. Similarly, there is a stop button designed specifically for embroidery tasks. In addition to these, you’ll find function buttons, a thread tie-off feature, a variable speed control slider, and presser foot control, all contributing to a seamless sewing experience.

3. LCD Touch Screen

The Janome Skyline S9 boasts an LCD touch screen, simplifying stitch and embroidery design selection. With an extensive library of 300 total stitch options, including utility and decorative stitches, 11 one-step buttonholes, 250 embroidery designs (including 40 exclusive Anna Maria Horner designs), and 20 fonts for monogramming, the touchscreen control makes navigation a breeze.

Janome S9 sewing machine

Performance of Janome Skyline S9:

The Janome Skyline S9 exhibits exceptional performance across all three modes: sewing, quilting, and embroidery. It delivers top-notch stitches on a wide range of materials, including denim, silk, and knits. The machine operates swiftly and powerfully, while maintaining a low noise level.


The Janome Skyline S9 is remarkably user-friendly. The LCD touchscreen control panel is straightforward and intuitive, and the machine is accompanied by a detailed instruction manual. The Skyline S9 also boasts several features that simplify the sewing process, such as the automatic needle threader and the adjustable stitch length and width.

Technical Specifications of the Janome Skyline S9

In summary, here are the technical specifications of the Janome Skyline S9:

Stitch and Design Options:

  • 300 total stitch options (utility and decorative)
  • 11 one-step buttonholes
  • 250 embroidery designs, including 40 Anna Maria Horner designs
  • 20 fonts for monogramming

Janome Skyline sewing machine


  • Locking stitch button
  • Start/stop button
  • Reverse/lock stitch button
  • Automatic thread cutting feature
  • Presser foot control

Other Features:

  • Free arm embroidery feature
  • On-screen editing
  • Jump thread trimming (programmable)
  • Stitch traveling speed selections: 1, 10, 100, and 500 stitches
  • Adjustable hoop position
  • 91 needle positions
  • Very high presser foot
  • Wi-Fi, USB, direct PC connection for data transfer
  • Automatic tension control
  • Variable zig-zag stitch feature
  • Knee lift function
  • AcuFeed™ Flex fabric feeding system
  • Drop-in bobbin with rotary hook

Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptionally durable and well-made
  • Versatile 3-in-1 functionality (sewing, quilting, and embroidery)
  • Extensive array of features, including a wide range of stitches and design selections
  • User-friendly, even with its advanced features
  • Easy to maintain and repair.


  • Considered expensive, making it less accessible to budget-conscious buyers
  • For the price, standalone sewing, quilting, or embroidery machines might offer better value for those seeking a single function.

Customer Reviews:

Here are some of the top quotes from the users:

  • “Love it…great features…easy to use. Not disappointed at all!”
  • “Love this machine. Took a bit of getting used to- the thread cutting feature uses a longer tail than my old machine, so I thought it didn’t work at first, but just need to pull it out more. It is HUGE. Definitely not easily portable but very quiet and smooth with beautiful stitches.”
  • “Purchased for my wife who is absolutely delighted with it. Hopefully it lasts many years.”
  • “No hassle, fast delivery and the sewing machine is exactly as ordered… Thanks.”

Final Thoughts/Verdicts:

In conclusion, this sewing machine is for those in search of a sewing machine that excels in sewing, embroidery, and quilting. However, if you require only one specific function, standalone machines might be a more cost-effective choice. For sewing and quilting enthusiasts, the Skyline S3, with its affordability and impressive features, is an appealing alternative. It is the best option to read user manual or some sort of guide if you are new user.

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