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Juki 2010q In-Depth Review: For Lockstitch Sewing Pattern

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When it comes to long lasting, high quality sewing machines, Juki consistently ranks near the top of the list for all competitors. All of the company’s products are known for precise, strong stitching.

Juki products are vast in number, so how do you decide which Juki to purchase based on your needs? This review is going to go in depth on who the 2010q is for, what it does, and whether or not it might be worth the investment.

Keep in mind while you are reading this review that this machine is high quality, but you end up paying a lot for what you get. So, while the first portion of this review may seem rather glowing, its goal is to provide an objective assessment on whether or not the product is worth the substantial price tag.

What the Juki 2010q Does

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The Juki 2010q is a machine that lives up to the company reputation. It is long lasting and makes strong, extremely precise stitching that will satisfy nearly any customer. It is both a high-performance quilting and sewing machine.

This is a single needle model. It is not decked out with multiple needles and numerous built-in sewing patterns, which might be disappointing for some buyers.

The arm and bed are made of aluminum die-casting to ensure that the sewing is done on par with industrial expectations. The aluminum makes it a sturdier, more capable machine less prone to obnoxious vibration.

It has a large workspace as well, which comes in at around 23 inches with the auxiliary table attached. This makes working on quilts particularly easy.

This machine also comes with an industrial sub-tension system, which helps ensure that the thread you are using has the right amount of tension applied. Depending on the thickness of your material and the thread itself, tension will vary strongly per project.

The primary sewing pattern is the lockstitch, the most common of industrial patterns. It is strong stitch, which makes it a perfect option for this machine.

If you are looking for a product that gives you a high variability in sewing patterns, you should stay away from this product. While it gives you a strong, durable lockstitch that is incredibly precise, it doesn’t have built-in settings for the plethora of sewing patterns used today.

Additional Features that Help Sell the Juki

It can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute. This is most certainly industrial speed, so if you need to get a job done fast, this is your product.

There are slower sewing options as well if you are looking to do something with a little more precision. You can choose to go as slow as 200 stitches per minute, so there is no lack in variability.

Each sewing speed is delineated by a slider button on the side. Slide it up towards the bunny, you get a faster stitch. Side it down towards the turtle, you get a slow stitch. Simple and straightforward

It is also equipped with extremely bright LED lights, making precision sewing that much easier.

If you are worried about bulk with such a study product, they have managed to avoid this hassle by constructing a surprisingly lightweight machine. This is because it has been designed to be portable. It will be heavier than models that run a fair bit cheaper, and it might seem rather bulky, but it was designed to be carried around.

Last but not least, the foot pedal that comes with the machine is capable of manual thread trimming. By pressing down on the heal of the foot, you can trim both bobbin and needle threads. Juki constructed the pedal to be large enough so that switching between speed control and thread trimming is easy.

What Makes the Juki 2010q Unique?

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There are a lot of features that make Juki products unique. This company has been around for a long time for a good reason. A lot of this has to do with the company’s country of origin.

Japanese Attention to Detail

As most of us know, the Japanese have a habit of designing durable products that dominate the market due to smart design. Since Juki is a Japanese company, it is of no surprise that they are globally recognized as one of the best sewing companies in the world.

Despite this, what features make the 2010q unique? What makes it stand out from the countless other sewing machine companies on the market?

The simplest answer to this question is devotion. As a whole, Juki has taken painstakingly careful steps to ensure that their sewing machines are the best on the market. They are constructed with the strongest material to ensure that even the toughest at-home jobs can be done with their machines.

The Product is Designed to do the Job for You

The product does a lot of the work for you as well. For instance, it has an automatic needle threader. For those that have tried sewing before, you might understand what a relief it is to have the take on this rather tedious task.

This automatic threader can be slightly difficult to understand at first. It has a slight learning curve, so keep this in mind before purchasing the product. Once you learn how to set up and navigate the automatic needle threader, however, it takes a great deal of the fuss off of your plate.

When you stop sewing, the machine is designed to automatically mark the spot you where you stopped sewing. It does this by having the needle stop in the fabric instead of midair.

On top of manually controlling thread trimming with the foot pedal, the Juki 2010q also trims thread automatically. It can trim through any material of any thickness.

There is also an even feed foot. This ensures that you can sew multiple layers of fabric together without any of it bunching up. It presses the fabric down evenly, no matter how many layers there are or how sensitive the material is.

Has all of the Essentials for Quilting

If you are looking into this machine for quilting, it comes equipped with two standard settings. A 1/5 Quilting foot for basic sewing and a 1/4 Quilting foot for more precise work. This isn’t particularly special, by any means. Most quilting machines come with these standard settings.

It is nice to have these additional quilting options alongside all of the other control features you get with this 2010q. It is, overall, a well-rounded machine.

What All of This Costs You

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As mentioned in the introduction, the Juki 2010q does not come cheap. We were floored when writing the review to discover that it sells on Amazon. 

If you are going to purchase this machine, do so only under the assumption that you will use it a lot. After searching for used options on all major online platforms, it seems the only readily available option are newer machines.

In other words, in order to get this model, you have to be willing to fork over $1,000.00. Is it worth the investment?

The answer to that questions depends entirely on you, the reader.  Our best advice is to think of these questions before buying the Juki 2010q.

  • Are you going to use this machine frequently enough to compensate for the $1,000.00?
  • Are you a practical sewer who doesn’t mind haven’t only one built-in stitch pattern?
  • Do you switch between quilting and sewing quite frequently?
  • Do you want something that will last years?

Overall, the price tag seemed inordinately high. We were shocked it was so high due to the fact that it only offers one built-in stitch pattern.

Juki does try to compensate for this loss by giving you a wide variety of presser feet with your purchase. They give you a sipper, blind hem, walking, piecing, two darning feet, and a general sewing foot. This is a nice addition to the package you purchase.

What Everyone Else has to Say about Juki 2010q

This is a product that comes with its own burdens. Many customers complained about how maintenance the machine is.

It needs to be oiled frequently, sometimes more so depending on how much you use it. If you don’t take care to oil the machine on a regular basis, you will soon notice the quality of work going down.

The machine itself may also suffer from permanent damage. In order to avoid this, upkeep can also be an expensive chore, as the oil doesn’t come cheap.

Despite its high maintenance, those who adore industrial-quality work loved this machine. It does not disappoint in durability. The precision of its work is sought after passionately enough that the price tag never drops.

A Very Loved Machine Overall

It was hard to find a negative view on any of the major online platforms. Customers from Amazon to eBay to Sewing Machines Plus all loved the Juki 2010q. It did exactly what they wanted for long periods of time.

There were also very few reports of the machine breaking down if taken care of properly. This means that you don’t have to worry about potential repair investments coming out of your bank account. Once you buy this product and take care of it, it will be with you for the long haul.

Other Options for Quilters

Let’s say you want to get into quilting and sewing but just don’t want to spend that much money. Unless you have a pile of disposable income laying around, the Juki 2010q is not going to be your first option.

No products found.

No products found.

There are other options on the market. Brother is another great company that produces relatively long-lasting products. For a much more affordable option, the Brother PQ1500SL High-speed Sewing and Quilting machine sells for new on Amazon.

It does pretty much the same thing that the Juki 2010q does.

Brother doesn’t have, however, the high-quality, long-lasting reputation that Juki is so famous for.

When looking through customer reviews of both machines, many seemed quite happy with both options. There were a couple of instances where customers switched from Brother to Juki and found that their work had a higher level of consistency to it.

When looking at other options, the Brother PQ1500SL seems to be your best bet. If you sew a great deal, however, then you might have to fork over a little more to have a machine that will plug along for years to come.

Is the Juki 2010q Worth it?

While the answer to this question strongly depends on who you are and what you are looking for, it is still easy to say that this machine is one of the best.

It covers all the basics and does a fantastic job at high-quality, precision work. When compared to others on the market, customers seemed to choose this one for its longevity.

The only negative is the amount of money you must be willing to shell out for this investment. Putting down $1,000.00 is nothing to sneeze at. Upkeep is rather expensive and time consuming as well, so be prepared to work for this product.

All in all, the Juki 2010q seemed to be a great product that satisfied customers across the board. If you are looking to master your sewing and quilting skills, you will not go amiss in buying this machine.

A Coupon to Save You Money

Last but not least, if you are looking for a slightly cheaper deal on a new Juki 2010q, check out They offer coupons that can get you a new model at only $924.00.

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