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Juki Sewing Machines are some of the most durable products on the market. They are also some the most expensive. Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Juki has been the leader in sewing technology development since 1947.


They only just started moving their operations overseas to the United States beginning in the year 1974. Their first established Juki Industries of America was built in New York, and from there, Juki spread throughout the U.S.


Because they have done so well in the West, headquarters have been moved from Tokyo Japan to Doral Florida, a perfect place to serve both the southern and northern American markets. Due to this massive switch in demand, finding a Juki dealership in the United States is actually incredibly easy.


What Does Juki Offer?


The company does more than your typical home sewing machine. It produces everything from automated systems to heavy-duty machines. The more durable on the market can stich upholstery for cars, marine material, leather for footwear and home textiles. They have nearly every part of the sewing industry covered.


Here are all of the various models Juki produces and what types of sewing they can do:



They manufacture a wide array of serger machines, which specialize in creating strong seams that don’t fray. They are a very specific machine, so unless you have a great deal of garments you want to repair, this product might only be for those who are making some sort of money off of their work with clothes.


A serger can be expensive as well. Some land near $2,000 brand new.



Juki also produces computerized sewing machines. There are particularly interesting – they offer a dizzying array of stitch patterns. Some include over 180 patterns. Using one requires the simple push of a button.


The software installed in computerized sewing machines offers an incredibly unique experience. For those that don’t want to master the art of sewing and just want to do some fast, quick and easy home projects, this type will be your first choice.



They have a strong selection of industrial style machines as well. These will be some of the most expensive options. While most of the other machines Juki manufactures manage to create an industrial-styled stich, these machines specialize in creating these strong stiches really fast.


These will run you somewhere around the $2.000-dollar mark, so unless you are making money off of this work, this is another huge investment.


Generic Sewing

Besides this, Juki also offers a wide array of quilting and general sewing machines. Amongst the multitude of manufactured options are some that get nearly every job done and others that are designed to master quilting and quilting alone.


Where Can You Buy Juki Sewing Machines?

Finding a dealer in your area is incredibly easy. Since Juki moved its headquarters to the United States, many stores carry and sell these machines all across the country.


Larger dealers like Sears and smaller, local, craft stores will most likely have the basic, home sewing machines in stock. The brand is far too popular and successful to not carry in stores.


If you prefer the old-fashioned way of walking into the store, check out the Juki home website and use their search engine to fine a dealer near you.


If you can’t find one in your area, or you live in a rather rural environment, there are a multitude of online platforms that also sell Juki.


One website in particular is called Sewing Machine Plus. It is rated as one of the best sewing supply shops on the web. It also has a wide array of Jukis, more than you might find face-to-face in a store.


Other large outlets like Walmart and well-known websites like eBay also have a great deal of the brand in stock. eBay might be one of the more affordable and flexible options.


You can bid on eBay for a far lower price than what they sell for new. Knowing how Juki is famous for its outstanding quality, purchasing a used home or industrial machine would not be a waste of time or money. It would last.


If you are looking to buy new, you are also looking to put down a fair bit of money. These machines are no joke. Some of the more modest options cost roughly 900 dollars, while the more powerful beasts can cost up to $2,000, maybe even $3,000 dollars.


Search Online and Purchase in Store


When deciding to buy a Juki, make sure you do your research. Because this is the most expensive machine doesn’t mean it is worth the money.


That all depends on what you are looking for in a product. So, when buying a Juki, we advise you do a lot of research online. Search through customer reviews, scroll through the various models Juki has to offer, and compare prices on major retailer websites.


Once you think you have done enough research, head into a retailer near you to find what they have in store.


We would suggest going to a local craft store. When you shop at smaller stores, you don’t have to worry about the corporate goons breathing down the employee’s neck, pressuring them to sell useless products.


Get some honest answers from your local craft store on what the machines can do. If you are new to sewing, this is strongly recommended. Navigating the language in the market is difficult for a newcomer, and for this much money, you want to understand what you are purchasing.


If you are going to go to a bigger store outlet, we suggest going to Sears. Sears compares well to Walmart in terms of price and in-store variability.


Ranked as one of the largest super chains in the world, Walmart is known for its wide variety of in-store merchandise. The company, however, has not been favored kindly by the press.


Its mistreatment of workers and infamously low pay makes Walmart a strong second choice when compared to Sears. If being a conscientious shopper is something that is on your agenda, stay away from your local Walmart.


Again, it will be hard to get some honest answers if you are looking to buy at a big corporate chain. It will still be reassuring to get a lot of your questions resolved face-to-face before buying a Juki.


You Can Get a Juki Nearly Anywhere


So, let us take a quick look at everything we discussed within the article.


Because the company itself has exploded in popularity, finding a Juki for your business or home is surprisingly easy. With headquarters in Florida, they have a strong network of distributors located across the country.


Finding one in your area is made easy by just searching on their home website. Most urban areas will have an outlet that carries Jukis.


If you can’t find the one you want inside a physical store, don’t hesitate to search online. Sewing Machines Plus should be your first stop. If you want to get one at a cheaper price, check out eBay, as you can bid or buy used at a fair discount.


Last but not least, do your research before you buy. There are an inordinate number of models that Juki produces. You should determine what you need for your sewing habits before buying just any old machine.


Rely on customer reviews and face-to-face conversations with professionals. This will always get you the answer you need.


Here are all of store options, both online and in-store, for you to consider:



Juki Sewing Machines Rarely Disappoint

If you are looking to master sewing, the Juki sewing machines are your best bet. They are consistently ranked number one on many customer’s lists.


You can never really go wrong when purchasing one of these machines. Juki will be a leader in the sewing industry for quite a long time.


This company and its products are the result of Japanese ingenuity and a strong, cultural dedication to creating the best of the best.


Best of luck and happy hunting!


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