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The Life of a Seamstress, and How She Can Help

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Springtime is fast approaching. And with it, the youthful bliss of prom and other formals, as students prepare for graduation. Of course, wedding season is upon us as well, and that’s a bit more complicated when it comes to dresses.

The perfect dress could be hanging right there in front of you. But it might not fit quite right. There’s a simple solution to that problem. You need to find a seamstress who can make alterations.

Seamstress Definition

A seamstress is a female who makes a living doing sewing. That means she could make clothing, table cloths, draperies, accessories, or anything else involving a needle and thread and fabric. A male who makes a living doing sewing work is technically called a sewer, a seamster, or sempster, but more commonly is referred to as a tailor. A tailor is actually someone who fits clothing to a particular individual, but the terms can be interchanged.

What Does a Professional Seamstress Do?

Professional Seamstress Do

There are a number of jobs that a seamstress might hold. She might make clothing for a boutique shop, or she may own her own business selling items she makes. She may hold a position in a dry cleaner or other clothing related shop doing alterations for customers. Many seamstresses are considered artists and create specialty garments or items for a particular audience. Here are some of the interesting jobs that a seamstress may have.


1. Costume Maker for a Theater Company

The world of theater is nothing without its costumes. Else we’d have Juliet wearing a t-shirt and jeans, despite the set being 19th Century France. Many costume designers for theater companies are seamstresses, but need assistance in making and designing the actual pieces worn by the acting company. If someone loves history, dress-up, and a little freedom, this would be a great job.

2. Costume Maker for a Small Business

Owning a small sewing business can actually make a decent amount of income for someone. She might sell her wares on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, or any other marketplace online. If someone loves to sew, but can’t afford to start her own business, there are many boutique companies, both local and remote, that hire men and women to make their products to sell.

3. Boutique Wedding Dress Maker

If someone loves weddings and has a way with lace, tulle, and satin, making wedding dresses would be the ideal job. The average wedding dress costs over $5,000 in Australia as of 2018, and around $1,500 in the U.S.A. as of 2017, with an additional $300 spent on accessories. If someone’s got a real talent for sewing, she could make a killing as a wedding gown maker.

4. Quilters and Crafters

The folks who love sewing but don’t want to do clothing can work in the field of arts and crafts. This particular field is probably going to be harder to make a full-time living in, but can be rewarding nonetheless. For those who love making quilts, they can be hand-sewn for a higher profit than machine sewn quilts, though machine-sewn can be produced more quickly and therefore bump up the sales with more merchandise. Other crafters may love making smaller items like purses, satchels, and household items. Those with a particular talent may be able to participate in high end craft shows and make a higher sale rate several times a year that way.

Where to Find a Seamstress

Find a Seamstress

One of the easiest ways to find a good seamstress is starting with a simple online search. Try typing in the search term, “seamstress near me,” or “dress alterations near me.” “Clothing alterations near me,” is another keyword search that would produce results.

If, however, that sort of search doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, there are a number of companies online that cater to people looking for a crafter, seamstress, or other artisan. Etsy, for example, helps to pair clients with makers of particular items. If you’re looking for a prom dress, but don’t want to go all strapless and sparkling, you could find a Medieval gown to wear instead. Many people have alternates to traditional wedding garments as well. Dressing as your favorite fairy tale princess or prince, Doctor Who Companion and Doctor, or any other sort of character could be the right fit for you on your big day.

A seamstress will gladly transform that perfect gown you already own into the perfect fit for your night out. Or, if you’re needing something new, a seamstress can find the pattern, fabric, and needed trimmings to create the perfect costume for your Star Wars themed wedding. Seamstresses are easy to find online, and are usually looking for new clients to assist.

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