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Make An educated Choice When Purchasing Drapery Fabrics

Make An educated Choice When Purchasing Drapery Fabrics

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There are many different types of drapery fabrics and before you decide on which one you should purchase you must first take into consideration the type of décor that is already in the room and how best you can match the drapes to complement this décor.

Another point to consider is the type of window that you have and what design will best suit the window, you can choose whether it should be a plain pattern, a pleated pattern or a floral pattern or some other bright color pattern, and don’t forget to pay attention to the type of material, you will have to choose a heavy material if your intention is to block out all the sunlight from the room or a lighter material if you want some sunlight to enter the room.

Some of the Various Types of Drapery Fabrics Available Are:

Make An educated Choice When Purchasing Drapery Fabrics
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Cotton – This fabric is very strong and easy to care for and it offers quite a variety of patterns and colors. The only problem with cotton fabric is that it wrinkles quite easily and will eventually weaken when exposed to excessive sunlight.

Linen – This fabric is very strong, but it wrinkles quite easily.

Rayon – This fabric is very strong and absorbent, and is quite often used for drapery as well as upholstery.

Silk – This fabric is one of the most beautify type of fabric for drapery.

Polyester – This fabric is very strong and is totally wrinkle free. It is one of the best fabrics for drapery as it is able to holds pleats very nicely and it can hold creases well.

Acrylic – This fabric does not wrinkle at all and can be safely washed in a washing machine. This fabric is quite often blended with wool or polyester fibers.

Modacrylic – This fabric is quite often used to make fake furs, fleece, blankets etc, and it is not prone to mildew, sunlight damage and wrinkling. It is very soft in texture.

Nylon – Although this is a very strong fabric, it is also very light, smooth and has a shiny appearance. This fabric is also wrinkle resistant.

Acetate – This fabric is made from cellulose and looks similar to silk fabric, and is well suited for drapery as it has a good body texture and drapes well.

Glass (fiberglass) – Fiberglass fabrics do not wrinkle and it has a very strong resistant to dirt. This fabric is able to withstand sun and other weather conditions and for this reason it is perfect for drapery and curtains.

Besides There Types of Drapery Fabrics There Are Also:

Designer Drapery Fabrics – These fabrics will make any room look classy and well designed, there are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from to get that perfect design that you have always wanted to create in your room.

Discounted Drapery Fabrics – These fabrics are very heavy and they come in a variety of colors and sized. These fabrics are ideal for making such things as drapery fabric slip covers for your pillows, and also for making beautiful covers for your bed, which would match your curtains without costing you a lot of money.

One final note if you are going to decorate your room with those fancy drapes you should definitely use a lining as they make the perfect finish to your drapery design.

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