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How Much Is Sew What Pro?

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Today’s sewing artist needs to be able to complete a multitude of tasks quickly and carefully, and sometimes the process can be overwhelming. They may want a helping hand, or just more flexibility in their design choices. Luckily, there is software available to help make embroidery projects easier, more fun, and completely customizable! I wanted to evaluate one software program that is particularly popular for embroidery editing, Sew What Pro. I wondered if this program was worth purchasing, and how much exactly it costs in the long run. Keep reading to see what I found out.

What Exactly is Sew What Pro?

Published by S&S Computing (established in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2004), Sew What Pro is embroidery editing software. It allows users to take already existing embroidery files, such as those from a sewing manufacturer, and view, edit, and convert them. Even if files are combined in archives, SWP can extract them so the users can add the fonts, colors, and other features to their personal directory. You will also be able to see thumbnail versions of these files for your convenience.

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This software is useful for any sewing or quilting artist who is looking to embroider or monogram something special for a gift or even just for home use. You can resize, reshape, and arch lettering so it is the perfect size and fit for the key fob, backpack, pencil case, or blanket you are sewing. You can also use any TrueType font to create monogram lettering to fit any personal taste. This is an exciting feature, but it is just one of many offered with this software.

What Features Are Included?

Users are able to do just about anything they may desire for a sewing project using the Sew What Pro software. They can change individual thread colors and background fabrics, hide or view a stitch histogram of the thread length distribution for each pattern, and hide or view jump stitches for convenience (the user can choose whether the stitches appear as thickened or dashed lines on the screen). All of these features make for a more flexible and fun sewing experience, and they are just the beginning of what Sew What Pro offers.

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There is so much more an artist can do with this software. You can print out the design and design summary, graphically separate patterns at specific stitches using the cutting toolbar, resize a pattern at constant density with the density adjustment dialog, and write Smart Media or Compact Flash cards for most sewing machines, including those made by Brother, Janome, Singer, and Bernina. The software supports 30 different file types, made by manufacturers such as Pfaff, Tajima, Baby Lock, and Viking Designer SE.

How Does Sew What Pro Work?

For users who do not feel they are computer-savvy, or for anyone who is struggling when deciding how to begin their utilization of the Sew What Pro software, the S&S Computing website offers several video tutorials on different capabilities of the software. These videos cover just about everything the sewing or quilting artist would need to know, starting from how to actually install the software on a PC or a MAC. The software is an application originally designed for Windows computers, so to run it on a MAC computer, you will need to install a software that emulates Windows, such as Wineskin or PlayOnMac. The S&S site offers a MAC installation guide for users looking for more information.

Also on the site is a tutorial showing the basics of Sew What Pro for new users. This video gives step by step audio and visual instructions, and it covers how to print a template for users looking to place designs specifically, how to save an image file rather than a stitch file, how to merge multiple designs and save them separately or together, and how to use the stitch simulator tool.

Other available video tutorials show users how to delete a stitch, split a stitch, use the pull compensation feature to widen satin stitches, edit a pattern, pre-cut your applique fabric, remove design elements from an embroidery piece, join colors, add TrueType font lettering, create a custom border, remove applique overlap, edit text, adjust density, and change thread order.

The capabilities of Sew What Pro are vast, and it could be overwhelming to figure them all out on your own. The tutorials are very easy to follow and will be helpful to novice and veteran users alike. The only drawback is some of the videos were created using older versions of the software, so they may not look exactly like the update you have. However, it should still be simple enough to follow the tutorials by clicking on the tabs and features corresponding to those in older versions of the software.

How Can I Try Sew What Pro?

After reading about everything this software can do, I am sure you are ready to try it for yourself. You are in luck! There is a free 30-day demo available for installation from the publisher’s website. Users may not update the software during this thirty-day period, however, or the trial will immediately expire. The update is not very likely to significantly alter your experience with the software, anyway, as the last update was released in December of 2017. This update should be adequate for all your embroidery software needs.

If you are interested in the program, but you are worried about navigating a program made for English speakers, this is not a problem. Sew What Pro offers support for languages other than English. The S&S Computing website provides links to language files that can be saved right into the Sew What Pro folder on your computer. These language files include Spanish, Dutch, German, French, and Danish. Once you have downloaded and saved the file, open Sew What Pro, click the Options menu, click Language Support, and choose your preferred language.

How Much Does Sew What Pro Cost?

Once you have used your 30-day free trial, or you are convinced even before the thirty days are up that you absolutely need this software for the long term, you are able to purchase the program right from the publisher’s website, where you downloaded the free trial. Just make sure you purchase your serial number one day before your demo expires, so you never lose the program or all the embroidery and design work you have done using it. When you do go make your purchase, you will be pleased to find the software is available for instant download for $65.00.

If you are concerned that the software will only be available on the computer you originally downloaded it on, don’t worry! There is an option for the user to purchase a CD of the program along with their download for a combined $82.00. The CD will be mailed to you within 10 business days, but the download will be available instantly, so you do not have to wait to start using the software. In fact, the website states users should receive their unique serial number for the program via email within minutes, and it guarantees the email will never take more than 12 hours to arrive.

One important note when purchasing the software after already having installed the demo version is that the user must not install the software again. They will use the same version they originally installed, but they will now copy and paste their new user name and serial number into the program. Now that they have the paid version of the software, they will be able to update it whenever they please, without the software expiring. However, the makers of the software do not offer refunds for any reason, so make sure you are pleased with the demo version before committing to the purchase.

Is Sew What Pro Worth the Cost?

Sew What Pro has generally favorable reviews from its users. Customers were please with the value for their money, and they found the software very user friendly. Even those new to embroidery were able to navigate the software with ease and create products they were proud of. Those who had been embroidering a long time were pleased to be able to add their own touch to their work by reshaping and resizing designs in the program.

Users also compared it to the software that their sewing machine manufacturers sell, and preferred Sew What Pro. After the 30-day trial, most users realized they did not want to part with the software, and they were happy to pay the $65.00 to keep using it for their sewing and quilting projects and monogramming needs. Several reviews even mentioned the customers would have been willing to pay more than the asking price, because they were so happy with the software. You probably will not even need the whole 30-day demo before you make the decision to purchase Sew What Pro. Now that you know exactly what the software does and how much it costs, you should be able to feel confident in your decision to purchase it for your embroidery needs.

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