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Is It Possible To Love Your Sewing Room Too Much? Never!

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So you just got your new sewing room set up. It’s beautiful. The curtains (which you made of course!) drape softly against your windowsill. You’re obsessed with the paint color and brand new furniture. Your sewing table is literally something you’ve dreamt of. You unpacked all of your fabrics onto new shelving so it’s all on display. Seriously, this room is a total dream.

sewing room

Do you feel guilty about staying inside all day, locked in your room, furiously creating new projects? If you need some excuses to give your hubby or kids, we’ve got you covered. Everybody needs a day away once in a while. You’ve created a sewing haven and now you should enjoy it!

Excuse #1: Weather

Okay, this won’t work unless it’s actually bad weather outside so make sure you choose your day wisely. Is it rainy, snowy or too cold outside? Hello! Perfect excuse. Nobody can argue with that.

Excuse #2: Have a Friend Over!

If you’re looking for a little girl time, invite a friend! It’s a great way of catching up when you haven’t seen someone in a while and still being able to get some projects done! Pop open a bottle of chardonnay or brew a pot of coffee and sip away as you chat and sew. Sounds pretty great, right?

Excuse #3: Fabric

If you’re a serious sewer, you know that fabric needs to be used in order for it to not feel neglected! Duh, fabric has feelings too! Okay maybe not, but I like to think so. Plus, the sooner you use the fabric you have, the quicker you can go buy more! Woo-hoo!

sewing room

Excuse #4: The Holidays Are Coming!

Is Christmas right around the corner? There’s no better reason or excuse to lock yourself in a room and sew like crazy! You have to have all of those family gifts ready to give. Homemade gifts are one of the most special things you can give someone, especially when they’re done well. Take the time to make something you know your family member will love. They’ll treasure it always!

Looking for Ways to Spice Up Your Sewing Room?

I love to design new things, but designing a space is not something I’m great at. If you feel the same way, it can be helpful to get some tips, tricks and ideas on what works for other people. This book is really helpful with knowing how to organize your sewing room. One of the major problems with sewing is that if the room isn’t organized, it’s tough to find stuff. When that happens, sewing is less fun because it’s such a project to even get started!

11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room

Having a sewing cart and shelving that’s specifically designed to hold your supplies is a huge help. You can put everything in specific shelves, baskets and containers. Once it’s organized, you’ll know exactly where everything is and be able to find things quickly! I don’t know about you but when everything is neat, orderly and organized around me, I feel so inspired! It’s fun to create in a clean, clutter-free space. 

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart in Soft WhiteIn all honesty, you shouldn’t need excuses or permission to play in your sewing room. That’s what it’s there for! Don’t feel guilty for taking a break from life for a few hours or a day, and enjoying a little you time. Taking that time to step away from the busyness of life and create something with your hands will make you a better, more focused person in the rest of your life. Don’t ever undervalue the need to take care of you and keep yourself happy! Plus, you can create all sorts of neat projects for your home so your family will benefit from them! Happy sewing, guilt-free!

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