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Want To Learn Embroidery but Can Not Get Started?

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Here are some of the top articles about embroidery and how to get started.  Embroidery may be a little frustrating but with some easy tips and instructions you will be a professional in no time.  Many people have successfully learned how to embroider, so why not you too.  Lets first start you off with the definition of embroidery to help you be able to understand what exactly you are doing.  Embroidery is the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle.

Learn How To Embroider Simple But Pretty Designs

Click here to learn how to embroider simple but pretty designs - so sweet! Bonus FREE embroidery pattern in two sizes included!


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“I’m now positive, with every new hobby and skill I attempt, that I was an old west homesteader in a former life. My claim to fame is that I seem to be particularly adept at picking up old lady hobbies (my husband teases me constantly). You name it, crochet, soap making, pottery and now let’s add embroidery to the list. The embroidered hoop you see pictured in the photos is my second attempt at embroidery. I’m not telling you this to brag but rather to prove just how easy it is and how quickly you can learn to hand embroider simple designs. Being the instant gratification person I am, I spent all of an hour or two watching video tutorials then, I grabbed the materials, made my design and got down to it.”

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This article gives in depth descriptions on how to embroider simple flowers.  It gives you different ideas of what to embroider and design.  Also, it gives you many suggestions and tips of what you should do.  Providing you with videos and other articles it gives you the perfect resources.

Learn How To Embroider Like Lauren Conrad For Less Than $19


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“Embroidery you say? Here at Brit HQ, we decided to bring back this old-school skill (along with our girl Lauren Conrad) and make it modern and fun. I mean, look at how amazing these hand-stitched whimsical sayings are. And the best part? You can learn how to make embroidered quotes and sayings, too.”

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With inspiring articles and great information on embroidery you can’t pass this up.  Be sure to check out these articles for cute and summery embroidery ideas.

How to Embroider Your Own Needle Case

CAembroidery Click Here

This you tube video has all of the instructions you need to learn how to embroider your own needle case. It will not let you down.  Tune in to Arne and Carlos to find out more on  how to embroider.

Patterns You’ll Love

Embroidery patterns:


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“I have these free embroidery patterns for you today! Earlier this year I attended the Craft and Hobby Trade Show to demo some Tulip Fabric Markers. I drew up these designs for attendees to color and frame in an embroidery hoop and I recently came across the designs. The show is over, but I still have the designs. I thought I’d share them with you so you can use them for embroidery projects!”

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This article provides an adequate amount of embroidery designs.  They are super easy for you to print them off and use them for your embroidery projects.

Over 100 Free Hand Embroidery Patterns

100 Free Hand Embroidery Patterns

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“NeedleNThread have an amazing list of free Hand Embroidery Patterns. They have everything from borders to flowers. Some of my favorite ones are featured above. Have you used a chart from this round up? Pop back and let us know.”

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Check out this article to discover all of the embroidery patterns that can enhance your embroidery designs.  If you do not know how to get started with embroidery check out this website to find out how to make simple patterns.

6 Alphabet Patterns For Hand Embroidery

Native Embroidery

“Hand embroidery is a very delicate art form, and by taking into account the details that can go into one piece, the possibilities of creating an exact duplicate is nearly impossible.  Today we are bringing you 6 alphabet patterns for you to use in your hand embroidery designs, and by simply changing out the colors in the details of these patterns, you can have so many different options from just these 6 patterns.”

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Try a hand at hand embroidery.  It is a great way to start embroidery and with this article you can get all the instructions you need to be successful.


With Glittering Eyes

Joans Bakery

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“Do that by reading the manual so that you can thread your machine, thread your bobbin (even if you will be using pre-wound bobbins, which I highly recommend), get files from your computer to your machine, skip color steps in a design, and go back a few stitches (one stitch at a time).  You need to be able to use the built in letters on your machine so that you can test-stitch when something goes wrong with your machine.  Learning to fix stuff (like thread that shreds) means that you will want to test to be sure you “got it” before you put in your real project on the hoop.  I only use my built in machine designs for testing.”

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Learn how to use bobbins easily and quickly.  Using bobbins is an important part of embroidery so try to learn it.  If you do not know where to start this is a great starting point.

Create Smooth Edge Split Designs Such as Pocket Toppers with Embrilliance Enthusiast

ENTH_pockettop result

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“Exploring creative editing techniques is a certain way to create new and unique embroidery designs.  The “slice with needle points” function in the Stitch Editing of  Embrilliance Enthusiast will allow you to do fun customizing with existing designs.  You can make any selection and slice it and needle points will be added and secured.”

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Learn how to perform new techniques.  This is a great way to enhance your embroidery skills, especially if you are new at embroidery.  Read the article to learn how to start your embroidery process and learn new designs and techniques.

Spinnerin Volume 168~ Embroidery Stitches

Spinnerin Embroidery Stitches

Click Here for Image

“Vintage patterns can be beautiful, which is why I bought this old Spinnerin.”

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Simple embroidery is a great skill to learn, but it doesn’t have to take you hours.  Practice makes perfect but do not stress yourself too much.  It should be fun and relaxing.

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