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The Complete Guide To Viking Sewing Machines

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Viking Husqvarna has a rich history of making fine machines. Viking Husqvarna started as a rifle maker. However, they have now branched out and sell everything from sewing machines to motor cycles. Pretty impressive, right? Today we’re here to give you the complete guide to Viking Sewing Machines.

The History of Viking Sewing Machines:

Husqvarna, who gets its name from the city where it was started (Husqvarna Sweden), has been selling sewing machines since 1872. This 145-year-old company started as a drilling and grinding mill for muskets. However, they moved to sewing machines after the company passed from royal control to private control. The first model sewing machine was named Nordsjernan, meaning “morning star.” It was able to sew neat, straight stitches. The design of the Nordsjernan allowed all of the gears and parts to be enclosed within the machine.

Different Models of the Viking Sewing Machine:

Husqvarna has several vintage Viking sewing machines. The term “vintage,” in this case, refers to any machine made before the 21st century.
These models include:

  • Freja (1883): Featuring an oscillating bobbin, this model was a significant success for nearly half a century.
  • Husqvarna Class 20 (1953): Known for its oil-free operation and jam-proof hook, the cast iron casing added to its appeal.

From the Viking 6000 Series:

For the most part, the Viking 6000 series has three knobs to adjust the needle speed, the stitch length, and stitch width. They are also self-lubricating.

  • Husqvarna 6370 (circa 1970)
  • Viking husqvarna 6010 (circa 1970)
  • Viking husqvarna 6430 (1971)
  • Viking Husqvarna 6680 (1979) was the first sewing machine with a computer.
  • Viking husqvarna 6690 (circa 1979) was the first machine capable of sewing letters.
  • Optima 190 (1979)
  • Husqvarna 500 (1994)
  • Viking husqvarna 400 (1993)
  • Viking Freesia 415 (1998)

Husqvarna also has several modern Viking sewing machines.

Modern Viking Sewing Machines:

  • Explore a range of embroidery machines like Orchidea 110, 990 S, 990, and more.
  • Eden Rose 250M
  • Designer Diamond Royal
  • Designer Ruby Royal
  • Opal  670
  • Opal 650
  • Viking Designer Epic

Quilting Machines Include:

  • Sapphire 965Q
  • HIclass 100Q

Everyday Sewing Machines Include:

  • Emerald 116
  • Emerald 118
  • Saphire 875
  • Emerald 183
  • HIClass e10
  • HIClass e20
  • Designer Topaz 40
  • HIClass 2000 S
  • Iris
  • Viking 1100

Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Parts:

Even the most experienced sewers can get tripped up by the different parts of sewing machines, especially as they get more and more elaborate. Here is the lowdown of the basic parts of every sewing machine.

  • Presser Foot or Presser Feet: The Pressure foot looks like a set of skis together, and is located behind and under the needle. Presser feet hold the fabric in place as the needle makes stitches
  • Dog Feed: The Dog Feed are the two sets of rows that you see on either side of your needle that look like teeth. Their purpose is to feed the fabric through the machine, and are also usually utilized in a backstitch.

Viking Sewing Machine Parts

  • Spool Pin: Usually found at the top of the machine, the spool pin hold the treads in place. It helps to make the thread be evenly threaded throughout the machine
  • Dials: The dials are the little knobs on the side of the machine. They can control anything from the speed to the stitch length and width
  • Foot Pedal: On machines that have a foot pedal, it regulates the start, stop, and speed of the machine according to how much pressure is applied to the pedal.
  • Bobbin Case: The bobbin case holds your bobbins, and maintains tension on the string in use so that the machine can make a clean.

Other machines may come with special features and accessories such as a reverse stitch switch, a built in tread ripper, an extension table, and either a computer or control panel.

Where to Find Viking Sewing Machine Resources:

  • Downloading User Manual: Having the original Manual that came with the machine can help get you out of a tight spot, but, especially when buying vintage or refurbished machines, that’s not always possible. Luckily, there are several sites that offer free and easy download of manuals for almost every model.  Manuals for almost every model can be viewed or downloaded for free on the viking husqvarna site.
  • If you can’t find your machine’s manual, try checking youtube. There you can find simple instruction on everything from threading your needle to putting in bobbins. Viking Sewing Machine’s website can be a helpful resource, as well as their online PDF manual.
  • Repairs: Routine maintenance is essential, but you can also find replacement parts and expert help at your local Viking center or their online forum.
  • Dealers: Viking Husqvarna machines are available at specific locations, but you can also explore options on Amazon, eBay, or the official website.

Feedbacks to Viking Sewing Machines:

designer epic 01

Different sewing machines are made with different intentions, and not all sewing machines are created equal.  These are the top machines for quilting, embroidery, and every day sewing. We hope you review the list before making a purchase.
For all your sewing needs (quilt making, embroidery projects, and everyday sewing), we would recommend the Viking Designer Epic.
This machine is a little bulky, but comes with many features and accessories.

Features of Viking Sewing Machine:

  • 10.1 inch full color touch screen
  • Bright LED lights (found underneath the arm of the machine to help light up your work)
  • Transparent needle and bobbin plate with seam guides outlines on both sides
  • 1200 different stitches
  • 6 fonts
  • 650 boaders
  • Easy wireless transfer of patterns and designs
  • 29 different needle positions
  • Quiet during function
  • High quality, sturdy stitches
  • 12 different feet
  • 3 differently sized embroidery hoops
  • Low maintenance
  • Good with variety of fabrics (nice quality for quilt making).

Viking Sewing Machine Parts That Require Upkeep:

Most Vikings no longer require much maintenance. Every once in awhile, you might have to clean certain part Parts that require monthly maintenance include underneath the feed dogs, and in the bobbin. For more specific cleaning instructions, consult your user’s manual. Each machine is different, and therefore, the manual is the best place to find accurate instructions specifically for your machine.

An important thing to remember is to NOT use compressed air to clean your machine. I could push dust, dirt, and lint into bad places and jam up your machine. Make sure to keep your storage space clean as well, whether that is your cabinets or out on the table.

Viking Sewing Machine

For more information on this, visit the Sewing School page.

Viking Sewing Machine Repair:

Usually you just need to clean up your machine, daily maintenance is important. However, on most machines it is easy to find replacement parts. Your local Viking center can also be very helpful.  They can help service your machine with more precision.  If you don’t have a Viking center close by, they have an online forum, with authorized attendants, to help you with your machine repairs. Several tools are available for proper cleaning.

Viking Sewing Machine Dealers:

Many Viking Husqvarna sewing machines are only sold at specific locations, but thanks to sites like amazon and ebay, you can easily find older models of sewing machines. You can easily purchase new sewing machines on the Viking Husqvarna website! New models can be found at any Viking Husqvarna dealer, or on the Viking Husqvarna site.

You can go to your local Husqvarna centers to see any special sale that might be going on, or to sell or fair trade your machine.  If you are not sure where your closest Husqvarna center is located, you can use the store locator on the Viking Husqvarna site.  You don’t need an appointment to be helped, just go walking in and you will be tended to.

Viking Sewing Machine Prices

Depending on the age and quality of the machine you are looking to invest in, prices vary. For used or refurbished machines, prices are anywhere from $50 to $500, however; most machines average about $150 to $250. Buying a new machine is usually more expensive, but many new machines have capabilities that the old machines don’t. New machines range from $500 to $5,000 in price and average around $900. But it is always a good Idea to look for the things before buying cheap sewing machine.

Favorite Viking Sewing Machine Models

If you’re looking at making a true investment in Viking sewing machines, you should absolutely consider the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930.
viking sewing machines sapphire

If you’re looking into investing in a Husqvarna, look around carefully, and make sure that you get the machine that best works for you.  There is a variety of styles and functions, so make sure you invest well! Viking sewing machines are wonderful, they won’t steer you wrong!

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