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What Points to Ponder to Find That Perfect Sewing Machine?

What Points to Ponder to Find That Perfect Sewing Machine for Beginners

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The ideal sewing machine can be picked by taking into consideration a few basic ideas and by asking yourself where you and the machines of your choice stand against each of these points.

What Points to Ponder to Find That Perfect Sewing Machine for Beginners


Fixing the budget is the pre-requisite for any purchase decision and buying a sewing machine is no different. It also helps you to define the boundary within which you need to limit your search and find the best fit for your needs without running into any debt. Remember that you may not need all the features of an expensive machine and cheap machines would be too inconvenient to use.

“As a beginner it’s advisable to neither go for advanced machines or for cheap plastic models as both could put you off sewing forever”

2.Frequency of Usage

The next important point to consider with complete honesty is the frequency of the expected usage. You need to differentiate effectively between the desirable frequency of usage and the practical frequency of usage.

“Investing on expensive and advanced machines for usage once in-a-blue-moon isn’t the smartest spending choice you will make.”

3.No. of Stitches

Ideally all your stitching needs can be fulfilled by the options of a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. All the remaining options are ones you would hardly use so spending extra for additional options only doesn’t make a great sense at the beginning.

“Ask yourself, whether you would require those 100s of stitching options before zeroing in on a machine of your choice”

4.Stitch Length and Width Adjustment

The ability to adjust your stitch length and width gives you the flexibility in stitching as per requirements of different assignments. So any machine which comes with greater adjustment options would be a better choice for your needs.

“So check for the machines which satisfies a minimum desirable range of length and width adjustment”


The availability of multiple presser feet options either in the standard model or with separate purchase options is the next point to be considered. For example when working on clothing you would require a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot and blind hem foot attachments.

“Compare your stitching requirements against the presser foot options available. Select the one which would fulfil all your needs”

6.Motor Power and Size

The more powerful the motor the greater will be its weight thereby ensuring greater durability and packed with enough juice to take on tougher stitching jobs. Powerful machines enable you to breeze through the stitching of tougher fabrics requiring sturdier stitching.
However, heavier machines also come with its share of movement problems even if it is to move it from the cupboard to your work station. It’s important to take the convenience of movement into consideration.

“Your decision should be able to balance the power and weight of the machine with your expected stitching load”


The best method to gauge the noise level of a machine is to sit and take it through a test run. If you are a total beginner you can also ask for a demonstration to gauge its usage and noise levels.
This will ensure that the hours you would spend on the sewing machine of your choice do not end up giving you or your family members a bad headache.

“Do your research properly and never buy a machine without gauging its noise levels”

8.Brand and Dealer

Sewing machines are not simple instruments which any fly by night company can start manufacturing, thus it’s important to choose from manufactures having years of experience in this segment. Brands like Singer, Brother and Janome has been the trusted choice of customers for long and have been constantly coming out with quality products for its faithful customers.
It’s also important to buy from a dealership as with their extensive experience they will be an ideal guide to take you through the machine features as well as the cleaning and maintenance methods.
This is vital if you are beginner and are ignorant about the best ways to use and maintain a sewing machine

“Put your faith only in reputed brands having a long history of manufacturing quality products and buy them from equally reputed dealers to ensure continued servicing in the least possible time”

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