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Why I Love To Sew

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you feel like what you’re doing is so wonderful that it feels like a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders on a blustery day? It sounds cheesy, but that’s the feeling I get when I sew. It’s like everything is right in the world, and I can lose myself in the steady hum of the sewing machine. I love hearing the presser foot click up and down, and feeling the sturdy pedal under my foot as I press it up-and-down over and over. Sewing brings back fond memories from my childhood, and when I think about it, I realize how proud I am to have this skill and maybe someday be able to pass it on to my future children.

Learning to Sew

My earliest memories of sewing are with my sweet Mom. As a little girl, I remember sitting at her feet, watching her knee move up and down as she pressed the pedal. I loved seeing the needle fly through the fabric as her skilled hands guided it along in a perfectly straight line.

My Mom would never call herself a skilled seamstress, but in my child’s mind she created the most beautiful pieces I’d ever seen. I wanted to sew curtains and pillows just like her when I grew up. I remember begging her to teach me how to make all of the amazing things she creates.

The first thing I learned to sew was a tiny patchwork quilt for my American Girl doll, Molly. We took a trip to the fabric store and I was allowed to pick out three different fabrics. Mom helped me cut out patchwork squares to sew together. I remember the soft feel of the cotton between my fingertips. I loved the pretty little flower pattern and couldn’t wait to see it become a quilt for Molly.


As I learned to thread a needle, tie a knot, and slowly move the needle through fabric, I remember being so excited. I loved to see how my few stitches made two separate pieces of fabric into one entity. The quilt turned out beautifully and I was so proud of it! I tucked Molly in to bed every night and made sure she was nice and warm under the patchwork quilt I’d made especially for her.

A Step Further

That patchwork doll quilt inspired a desire to learn how to sew more things. I learned to make pillows, full-size blankets, slipcovers and eventually sewed a Civil War era style gown to wear as a play costume. My skills had progressed from hand sewing to using a machine. I was so thrilled with how much I’d learned in a few years. Seeing what I’d started with and how far I’d come was inspiring.


The biggest project I ever made was a full-size quilt. It took months of hard work and I’m not gonna lie, there were a lot of tears involved. Quilting is extremely challenging and not for the faint-of-heart. I have the utmost respect for women who are talented quilters. The end result is beautiful and so worth the effort, but they are not easy!

This is why I love to sew. Sewing gives you the opportunity to use your imagination to dream up something beautiful. You get to be a part of every single aspect of the creation you’re about to make, from coming up with the idea, shopping for fabric, and tying it off at the end.

Sewing is an invaluable skill to have. You can make decor items, clothing, or gifts for your loved ones. There are few things that can be a hobby or a career, depending on what you want to make it. I can’t wait to someday have a little one of my own to teach how to sew. Pass on the legacy, ladies!

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