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How to Know Your Sewing Machine?

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The variety in the sewing machine domain and the ever growing technological advancement is posing certain new challenges for the sewing machine users. Even the professionals sometimes are not able to get the most out of the system due to their limited knowledge about the best sewing machine. A lot of reviews about the professional machines that you see online will tell that what difficulties professionals face in understanding all the functionalities of the machine.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a brand new machine or a second hand one purchased from some yard sale. In either case, you need to know the working of the machine first in order to be sure about the effectiveness and applicability of the machine in some particular cases. The intelligent users think out of the box and can make even an outdated model a real productive one with their creativity.

How to Know Your Sewing Machine?
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The User Manual of the Sewing Machine:

It is highly advised to the potential buyers not to buy a second hand machine if it is not accompanied by a user manual. If you find a good used machine with no user manual then try searching for the manual on the internet as many of the manuals are offered online as well by the manufacturers. A user manual is very important and if it is well written with pictures and proper instructions, then your urge of knowing about the machine will become fairly easy. Most of the users both amateurs and advance find all the answers to their questions from the user manual of the sewing machine. If any information is ambiguous or complicated then you can access the internet to find out the best possible solution for the problem.


Bobbin is the most crucial part and it is also sometimes referred as the backbone of the sewing machine systems. If you already have some stitching system, then your mind find it useful just to use the prior bobbin in the new sewing machine which already is filled from your prior system. But, sorry, this is not possible. It can be very difficult even for the professionals to get their hands, frequently with the new bobbin, but interchanging them is not possible at all. But, selecting a machine intelligently by considering the convenience of bobbin could help you save a lot of your time on the new sewing machine that you own. Some users might prefer to have some additional bobbins in hand to ease their various sewing projects.

Practicing on Scraps and Samples:

A good way to know the potential and productivity of your new sewing machine is to use it for practicing on some scraps and samples. Even if you are a bit experienced with the sewing task, still you should go for the practicing round, at least for a couple of samples to get acquainted with the new sewing machine system. It is not only the functionality that you need to learn while practicing, but you can also use this opportunity to get some good control with the speed of the machine. The machine demands your hand-eye coordination in order to get the optimum results which you can practice on your new machine on a piece of any sample fabric and then only go for the proper and bigger sewing projects.

Make It Simple at the Start:

It is highly advised to the amateurs and mid-level sewing machine users to only start using their system with simpler projects. Getting used to with the machine can take some good time, so avoid taking any complex projects as that may ruin them just because of your lesser expertise with the new machine. It’s a fact that if you start taking complex project right in the beginning, you may get into trouble or complex issues. Such situations may lower your confidence while working and also you may lose your interest in taking more projects. So, be calm and never try to take such challenges.

Only consider those sewing tasks that you are clear about and are sure to handle with ease.  Just with time, you will have better knowing and control over the machine and with such confidence you will be able to take the bigger projects with ease.

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