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If you are going to sew you must know all of the sewing tools that are necessary for your success.  If you are a beginner this will be extra helpful to you because it will tell you everything you need to prepare you for sewing with a machine and hand sewing.  Read more to find out all of the sewing tools you can’t live without.

  1. Hand Sewing Needles- helps you to make extra stitches and fix mistakes where needed.
  2. Measuring Tape-  A measuring tape helps you to measure your fabric to make sure you have the correct amount of fabric.
  3. Fabric Scissors- These are similar to shears but not quite as sharp as shears.  It is always a good idea to keep a pair of fabric scissors around for cutting loose, frayed, and torn fabric.
  4. Safety Pins- Safety pins are useful for many things, especially in sewing.  They can hold pieces of fabric together, or mark your spot, plus many more uses.
  5.  Bobbins- Bobbins are used in a sewing machine and depending on the type of machine you have depends on how many bobbins you can have in it.  They come in all different colors so make sure you have the appropriate color bobbin for your projects.
  6. Pin Cushion- This sewing tool helps to keep all of your pins and needles in one place and keeps them safe, well more like keeping you safe from getting poked.
  7. Thimbles-  If you are hand sewing a thimble is necessary so you do not poke yourself with a needle
  8. Sewing Needle Threader- It helps to push the thread to the needle.

Finding all of your sewing tools is important to do before you start to begin your sewing project.  The items on the list above will help your sewing experience go smoothly and efficiently.

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