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Practice Sewing Machine

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There are some things to consider when buying a sewing machine for practice. One, a person should a buy an entry level best sewing machine with main features to get you started on the right track but they should also be easy to learn. A beginner must be able to perform the features with maximum efficiency. It will be hard in the start, as always, the first step is the hardest. But you will most definitely get better with time and practice.

Practice Sewing Machine
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Practicing on a Sewing Machine:

  • Sewing Machine Practice Sheets – A smart step for the beginners trying to improve their sewing skills is by using practice sheets. These have patterns that one can sew over. Sewing on paper is an ideal way to start out. It is better to get used to sewing before tackling real projects that have real world consequences.
  • Sewing Straight Lines – Try to stitch a straight line on a piece of cloth and you will discover that your lines aren’t straight enough and you are a bit unsteady. As a beginner, draw lines with a pencil and ruler on a cloth and then sew on those. Try keeping right above the lines. Also speed up and down to see whether you stay on the line or not.
  • Zigzag stitching – Another function a sewing machine can perform is the zigzag stitch. You can change the width to change the look of the zigzag. Practice this too because it is an important tool in stitching. You should also know how to zigzag stitch at the edge of a cloth because this is a common practice in sewing.
  • Extra Stitches – Almost every machine offers some bells and whistles over the existing basic functions. Machines come with extra fancy stitches. It gives an idea about the stitch length and width. Sewing it in curves also helps. Experiencing what features your machine offers is the best way to become an expert on it.
  • Stitching 2 Fabrics Together – Line up the two edges of the fabric that you intend to stitch together. Join the “right” sides of the fabric because after you open it, the raw edges end up on the back. While sewing, use your hands as a guide. You won’t have to tug on the fabric because the machine will pull it on its own. This is a basic technique and a rookie must perfect his control on the machine to become an expert.
  • Tutorials – After the experience, one learns the most from observation and seeing. Tutorials are very helpful in that they allow newbies to learn new techniques.They also familiarize the learners with the components of a particular sewing machine. It also informs the users what tools and skill-set they require for sewing.

Practice makes a man perfect. Also, familiarity with the functions of a machine will also help. The basic step remains is to get a machine that feels comfortable to use. It provides all the functions you need without overdoing it.

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