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How To Use A Seam Guide On A Sewing Machine

How To Use A Seam Guide

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How To Use A Seam Guide
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When sewing any material, it is necessary to keep the seam together in a straight and even manner. If one seam ends up being wider than the other, then the material skews and the clothing will never fit. The seam guide anyway, will help ensure a consistent stitching. If you want to make consistent sewing, then the seam guide is the material to go for.

There are however different types of seam guides out there. You will have to keep this in mind while making your purchase. You may also want to consider what works with your particular type of sewing machine.

When you are sewing using any sewing machine, your eyes should be trained on the seam guide and not on the sewing needle. If not, your sewing will never be consistent and the seam will never be accurate. The seam guide provides a kind of focal point on which you can concentrate in order to keep the fabric at an equal distance from the machine needle while you sew.

Among the types of sewing guides out there, the most frequently used one is the set of lines etched tight in the throat plate of the machine. The feet of the sewing machine can also be used as seam guide.

With the aid of the seam guide, you can be sure that you have correct allowance in the seam according to the desired pattern direction. It is a perfect sewing tool every one must have. To ensure accurate fitting of the garment being sown, it is imperative to ensure consistent adherence to this sewing tool.

Accurate cutting of the garment is very essential in order to make your garment fit properly. But this is never enough to produce a perfect sew. To make things really perfect, you must also keep an eye on the seam guide.

When you buy a sewing machine, it is possible that the machine comes with its own seam guide. In fact, most sewing machines do. The seam guide is easily attachable to the sewing machine. Each sewing machine also comes with user manual that can direct you on how to make use of the seam guide.

If your sewing machine does not come with a seam guide, you can easily buy yours online. As it had been mentioned earlier, there are different types of seam guides available on sale. It is now left for you to make your choice among them. Carefully consider also your make of sewing machine and look for the perfect seam guide that can work with it conveniently before you buy.

Many home owners have developed their own home made seam guides, but these can never measure up to the factory made ones that are custom made for your sewing machine. If you are serious about making consistent and accurate seam when sewing, it is better to go for the factory made ones.

The cost of procuring the seam guide varies depending on the type you want to buy and the type that can fit into your sewing machine conveniently. Now, you have learn basic seam so you should read other articles we have on this blog in order to help your sewing profession as fast as possible and do not forget to check the home page for best sewing machine for beginners.

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