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Should You Buy A Handheld Sewing Machine Or Not?

Handheld Sewing Machine

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Depending of how and where you want to use it, a handheld sewing machine can be used as a substitution of the normal sewing machine.

If you learn how to sew, you can easily save money by creating your own clothing.

So, it is not only used for repairing your clothes that somehow are now torn or the hemming. You can create beautiful items, crafts and costumes.

If you want to buy a handheld sewing machine, you need to know the positive and negative points. It may be small and easy to maneuver but it is limited, not having the features a normal sewing machine has.

If you will feel the positive is greater than the negative, then you just need to go and buy one.

Handheld Sewing Machine
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Now, Let’s See if You’ll Decide to Buy One or Not

Your kids want to learn how to sew and you are not ready to teach them on your own sewing machine that is a professional one, computerized even.

Still, they want to learn so you can teach them using a handheld sewing machine. It is perfect for them being so small. They will be able to operate it with ease.

If not for your kids, you can offer the handheld sewing machine as a gift for your kids’ friends or for others that you’ve heard they want to learn how to sew but are not ready to spend a lot of money for something they don’t know if they’d like to do.

Another Advantage, After Being Small and Easy to Maneuver, Is the Portability

The majority of those who will buy a handheld sewing machine are doing it because it’s easy to move it from place to place. It is also very light so it’s not a burden.

You can put it into your luggage without even notice the difference in weight. And it won’t take a lot of space. You can even have one at your office to use it in case you have a wardrobe emergency.

The Price Is Another Bonus

If you will compare the prices between a normal sewing machine and a handheld sewing machine you will see how low the price for the handheld is. The ones that have a higher price are not exactly handhelds because they will need a surface to work on.

The Negative Aspects

There is no way you will be able to do the same projects that you could do with a normal size sewing machine. The Handheld sewing machine is good to do small projects like repairing a tear and other like it. But you can’t create a dress.

Another negative, the handheld sewing machine will jam, especially if you have to do a bigger project. And they are slow. You need a lot of patience. But it will do its job, just not right away.

After reading about the positive and negative aspects of the handheld sewing machine, you are the only one that can decide if it is what you are searching for or you will keep searching for the perfect sewing machine.

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